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Relapsing Remitting MS: When to Call a Doctor

relapsing remitting ms

Depending on the type of multiple sclerosis (MS) that you’re dealing with, it’s possible to go through cycles of remission and relapse. This can happen with relapsing-remitting MS. While there are ways to reduce the risk of having a relapse, there is little that can be done to prevent them entirely. Sometimes you can handle an MS flare-up with some effective at-home remedies but there are a few times when your doctor needs to get involved. Since it’s best to start the treatment quickly, it helps to know when a relapse is an emergency. 

When To Call Your Doctor

Typically, a relapse is defined as having recurring symptoms for at least 24 hours. That doesn’t mean you have to wait a full day before contacting your doctor. As long as you’re having symptoms of a relapse, you can reach out.

Those symptoms include numbness, dizziness, trouble maintaining your balance, pain, and blurred vision. It’s possible that your doctor will suggest trying at-home remedies like over-the-counter painkillers, heating pads, and resting.

If those methods don’t help or the symptoms get worse, they’ll want to see you.

When To Head To The Emergency Room

While many doctors prefer that their patients stay out of the emergency room, there are times when it will be unavoidable. If the pain you’re feeling is debilitating then it’s best not to stay at home.

Having blurred vision in one or both eyes might not be cause for concern but being completely unable to see is an emergency situation.

The same can be said for weakness, numbness, or loss of balance that severely impedes your ability to move around. 

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Doctors are particularly concerned about people who have other chronic illnesses. It’s possible for you to have an issue with another illness while 

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