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Roderick Townsend’s Journey to Paralympic Greatness

Roderick Townsend
PARIS, FRANCE – JULY 11: Roderick Townsend of United States of America celebrates after clearing the bar setting a new World Record in the Men’s High Jump T47 Final during day four of the Para Athletics World Championships Paris 2023 at Stade Charlety on July 11, 2023 in Paris, France. (Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images)

Roderick Townsend’s path to becoming an Olympic track star is a testament to the power of belief and perseverance. Born with permanent nerve damage in his right arm due to complications at birth, he has faced challenges that most can only imagine. However, instead of letting his disability define him, he has used it as fuel to propel himself to greatness.

Unlike many athletes who start their journey from a young age, Townsend discovered his passion for track and field during his freshman year of college. Initially a football player, Townsend had never considered track and field until his college track coach persistently encouraged him to join the team.

“I always just shrugged it off,” Townsend shares.

It wasn’t until a disappointing loss in a football bowl game that Townsend decided to give track and field a try.

“I just wanted to get my mind off of football altogether. So I came out to the track,” Townsend adds.

He vividly remembers the moment when his track coach expressed belief in his potential, telling him, “I think you can really be great at this.” It was the first time anyone had ever told him he could be great at something, and that encouragement was all he needed to pursue track and field wholeheartedly.

Since then, Townsend has never looked back, crediting much of his success to the support of his family, especially his mother, who has overcome health challenges of her own.

Townsend has witnessed multiple family members deal with the challenges of chronic weight management, but it hit close to home when he saw his mom’s battle. “My mom throughout my life has been a symbol of fitness and perseverance,” Townsend shares of his mom, who began struggling with chronic weight management when he was in high school. 

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“The first time I remember working out, I was doing sit-ups next to her while she was doing her crunches with her feet under the sofa. So I figured I’d tag along as well. So she’s just always been a symbol of perseverance in all aspects of her life, which I truly continue to value,” he adds.

Townsend carries the sacrifices made by his family with him every time he competes.

“I understand that anytime I compete, anytime I’m wearing this uniform, anytime I’m on top of the podium, it’s not just me there,” the record-breaking high jumper shares. “It’s my mom, it’s my wife, it’s everybody who was able to sacrifice to get me here.”

As Townsend prepares for the 2024 Paralympics, his training regimen remains rigorous and consistent. He is also gearing up for the

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