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Romeo Miller Recovering After ‘Horrific’ Car Accident: “Walked Away Alive”


Musician and actor Romeo Miller is on a challenging road to recovery following a severe spinal injury from a “horrific” car accident earlier this year. The 34-year-old star has been sharing his experiences and updates with fans on social media, revealing the depth of his struggle and determination.

On May 13, Miller took to Instagram Stories to share photos from his hospital stay, where he had recently undergone a spinal procedure. “After not being able to walk this past weekend,” he wrote, accompanied by a picture of his bandaged neck. “Back to get spinal/neck work. Thought I was done with procedures but was assured this healing process of getting a fully healthy neck and back after my accident will be a marathon. So fam and friends, be patient with me. Didn’t have time to text back everybody in real-time, but today was a success. And I’m good and resting now. Onward and upward!”

He continued with a message of resilience: “It’s gone be a marathon to get right, but up for the challenge and potential new growth!”

In addition to photos, Miller posted a video chronicling his recovery journey. The video featured clips of his time in the hospital and his rehabilitation efforts in the gym, showcasing his unwavering dedication to healing.

Romeo Miller
Photo: Romeo Miller/Instagram

Reflecting on the unexpected turn of events, Miller shared a deeply personal message: “My new year’s resolution prayer was this, ‘God I’m ready to become my strongest, this year I will be in my best physical shape. 2024 I will transform and miss no days of working out. Guide me and please give me strength.’ The first few weeks started off with a bang! And then I was involved in a horrific car accident on the freeway.”

Miller and his cousin miraculously survived the accident, but the months that followed required a period of private healing due to head injuries that complicated his recovery.

Despite the physical and emotional challenges, Miller has found a profound sense of growth in his journey. “On my journey of rehabbing and being STILL, I was finally truly able to ONLY lean on God. It wasn’t my body that needed transformation, but it was my mind and spirit,” he wrote. “All movement is not forward and nothing ever grows without a seed. I asked to become my strongest, and God did just that. I see even better now. The signs are everywhere. Joshua 1:9.”

Photo: Romeo Miller/Instagram

Support from fans and fellow celebrities, including Terry Crews, flooded in. One follower commented, “I’m so glad you guys are doing better,” while another added, “Beautiful blessing so glad you are ok and safe God bless🙏🏽🥰🙏🏽.”

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