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In our constant effort to find new seed banks with which to expand our offer and be able to offer you new and attractive hybrids, we often find real surprises, as is the case of the bank that concerns us today, The High Chameleon.

In this article, we are going to dive into the world of this unique seed bank and discover what makes it so special. From its wide range of varieties to its focus on quality and innovation, we assure you that this bank will not leave any cannabis fan indifferent. So sit back, light up a nice joint, and get ready to explore the fascinating world of The High Chameleon with Alchimia. Let’s go!

The High Chameleon offers high-quality hybrids in the form of feminized seeds

The High Chameleon, innovation, and tradition go hand in hand

We are going to tell you a little about the main features of The High Chameleon, and we assure you that they will surprise you! This seed bank has earned an excellent reputation among its clients because it specializes in creating high-quality hybrids from top-of-the-line parents. What does that mean? Their strains are like the crème de la crème of cannabis! In fact, in their crosses, they use both elite clones and plants from selections made by themselves, with quality beyond any doubt and more than proven results.

In addition, at The High Chameleon, they are passionate about organic growing and use techniques such as living soil to ensure that the plants are happy and healthy from start to finish, and all of this without leaving almost a carbon footprint during their production. But wait, there’s more! Their varieties are true terpene factories, which means that they will not only surprise you with their high potency, but they will also leave you intoxicated with their delicious and unique aromas. And if all this were not enough, their plants are super adaptable! Whether you want to grow indoors or outdoors, in a greenhouse or on a balcony…As you can see, The High Chameleon has what you need for you to be successful…What more could you ask for?

The Carbon Footprint of Fertilisers

Crop fertilisation is beginning to be seen as a double-edged sword: while necessary to produce crops that can feed us all, it is also a considerable source of pollution for the environment, so it seems essential to reconsider the techniques and products we use.

The line of seeds with which this bank enters the Alchimia catalog includes several crosses of plants well known to everyone, such as – among others – Mimosa, KushCookies, or Runtz, although the main characteristic of their way of working is that they select a plant that will act as a male (reverted female) in all crosses, giving rise to high-quality feminized hybrids.

What do they achieve with this strategy? Well, having a male parent that has been widely tested and that they know perfectly, of whom they know what traits he will transmit to the offspring. Thus, it is much easier to obtain new hybrids with a series of already expected qualities, being an ideal way to improve traits of plants that act as females (pollen recipients).

Well, in the case of this line that we present to you today, the male parent used is a spectacular selection made by The High Chameleon in 2023 and called M18, which in fact comes from a powerful cross between Skunk (one of the flagship genetics in Europe) and Mendocino Purps (a classic from American lands), which stands out especially for its robustness and resistance, traits that are always desirable in any type of crop. The result, as you can already see, is simply amazing, with plants loaded with tons of resin and with organoleptic properties that will make your taste buds vibrate. A great success for any type of grower, even more so if they are accompanied by a powerful effect!

The High Chameleon applies organic and environmentally friendly cultivation techniques
The High Chameleon applies organic and environmentally friendly cultivation techniques

Varieties of The High Chameleon

Let’s take a look below at some of the genetics you already have available in our store. As you will see, these are feminized seeds that come in packages of 3 seeds, of course perfectly identified and with a price of €30 per package. Let’s now look at some of the options you have at Alchimia if you want to grow some The High Chameleon strains, although as always we recommend visiting our website to see all the varieties available:

Cookies M, Cookies terpenes and high production

Cookies M is a powerful and tasty cross that arises from the fusion between the famous Girl Scout Cookies Forum Cut and M18 (Skunk 18 X Mendocino Purps). This variety exhibits the best of its ancestors, with a generous yield in both flowers and resin, with an absolutely spectacular appearance or bag appeal. But in addition to its visual appeal, Cookies M offers a very powerful effect, which together with the colors it exhibits and its complex combination of terpenes make it a true work of art in terms of cannabis experience, especially for those who enjoy resin extractions.

In terms of cultivation, its robust and resistant structure makes it suitable for growers of all levels of experience, from beginners to veterans, thanks also to its modest nutrient needs. To have Cookies genes, Cookies M stands out above average in terms of production, with dense, tight flowers that end up covered with a generous layer of thick resin.

This genetics offers exceptional aromas, with creamy notes reminiscent of crème fraîche, accompanied by a touch of mint and spicy lavender in the background. This unique combination of aromas makes it a sophisticated and pleasant genetics…you will rarely have tried anything like it!

Regarding its effect, Cookies M offers a relaxing experience, both physically and mentally, ideal for any time of the day or to disconnect at the end of the day. It is a perfect option for those looking to relieve stress and escape the daily routine. With THC concentrations that can reach up to 24%, this hybrid promises a satisfying trip for every cannabis lover.

Cookies M by The High Chameleon fuses the quality of Cookies with the production of Skunk
Cookies M by The High Chameleon fuses the quality of Cookies with the production of Skunk

Runtz M, speed and unmatched flavor

Runtz M arises from a cross between M18 and one of the most recognized genetics of recent years, Runtz. The result? A fast and powerful hybrid that combines the sweet and tempting flavors of sweets with an impressive effect and a high production of top-notch buds.

Growing Runtz M requires special attention from the grower to maximize its potential. Indoors, it reaches maturity in just 7 or 8 weeks of flowering, producing a large number of resinous flowers. On the other hand, outdoors it matures around October (in the Northern Hemisphere), rewarding growers with generous harvests of aromatic flowers. With a high THC content that can reach 23%, Runtz M is a very popular choice for growers looking for abundant, high-quality harvests, all in just 55 days.

Runtz M provides a unique organoleptic experience, combining intense sweet and fruity flavors enhanced with spicy and floral touches of pepper and lavender. This surprising combination creates a palate full of nuances, thus offering a flavor experience that is as complex as it is rewarding. Its balanced effects offer deep but not overwhelming relaxation, perfect for enjoying moments of tranquility and pleasure, alone or in company.

As you can see, Runtz M represents the perfect combination of high-quality strains, rapid cultivation, and an unforgettable flavor experience, presenting a variety of cannabis that will captivate even the most demanding palates…we assure you!

Mimo M, citrus aromas and cerebral effect

Mimo M is the fruit of the union, conceived in California between two emblematic genetics, M18 and the renowned Mimosa variety, which you have surely heard about in recent times. Every aspect of its genetics has been carefully selected to create an exceptional plant, fusing the resistance of Skunk 18, the colors of Mendocino Purps, and the vigor of Mimosa.

One important thing: growing Mimo M requires specialized attention and knowledge to get the most out of its genetics, which is why it is recommended for growers with advanced knowledge. Indoors, it generally flowers in just 7 or 8 weeks, offering very high yields of flowers covered in brilliant trichomes. Outdoors, and like many other hybrids, it reaches full maturity around October (in the Northern Hemisphere).

Its generous resin production, ideal for extractions of any type, is usually accompanied by shades ranging from pink to purple, adding a visual spectacle to its growth. Thanks to its characteristics of robustness, resistance, and high productivity, Mimo M is a very popular option among veteran growers looking for copious, quality harvests, of course accompanied by new and interesting flavors.

Mimo M offers a unique and innovative flavor experience, with an intoxicating aroma of spicy clementine that will make your taste buds vibrate with every puff. The floral notes of lavender from M18 subtly enrich this blend of nuances, while an earthy base adds complexity and depth to its flavor and aroma.

Its effects are balanced and combine euphoria and relaxation, perfect for lively meetings or also for relaxing moments with friends…or your partner! In short, Mimo M embodies the perfect fusion between tradition and innovation, offering a first-class tasting experience combined with a pleasant, happy effect and cultivation traits that make it a true star.

Mimo M by The High Chameleon is ideal for going out partying or enjoying gatherings with friends
Mimo M by The High Chameleon is ideal for going out partying or enjoying gatherings with friends

Vanilla M, new flavors and aromas

Vanilla M represents an ideal option for those who want to explore new experiences in terms of aroma and flavor. This plant, with a lineage that includes Skunk and Aficionado French Connection genetics, offers remarkable ease of cultivation. Vanilla M is a hybrid consisting of 70% indica, created by crossing Léo Stone’s Vanilla Berry Pie (from Aficionado French Connection) and M18, which in turn and as you already know is a combination of Skunk 18 and Mendocino Purps.

Thanks to her Skunk heritage, Vanilla M is easy to grow and can adapt to any type of growing environment. At the end of its flowering phase, which lasts only between 7 and 8 weeks, it exhibits very visually attractive hues. Vanilla M’s terpene profile is complex and sophisticated, offering nuances of vanilla and black pepper, along with refreshing floral notes of lavender. This deep and complex flavor makes Vanilla M an ideal option for those looking for a unique and peculiar taste experience, different from what has been tried until now.

The effect of Vanilla M is pleasant, with its Skunk genetics providing a clear mental effect that is ideal to consume at the end of the day or to enjoy in the company of friends, turning any occasion into an experience as fun as it is rewarding.

Vanilla M is perfect if you are looking for new flavors different from the typical ones you find in many varieties
Vanilla M is perfect if you are looking for new flavors different from the typical ones you find in many varieties

As you can see, the collection of seeds with which The High Chameleon inaugurates its place in our catalog is really interesting, with a series of crosses developed by a parent that has more than proven to be truly outstanding. Production, speed, ease of cultivation, quality…no matter what you are looking for in your new crop, you will find it in The High Chameleon catalog!

Happy harvest!

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