Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2023-Why It Failed and How To Fix It

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2023 era is a flop; but it CAN one day be the glamorous and legendary entity we all love. How? By going back to the original formula with a few tweaks. Allow us to explain.

If you envision Tyra Banks, drama, wavy bedhead hair and wings larger than your living room; you have come to the right place darling. WE LOVE the OG shows, grew up with them and miss them terribly. So what went wrong?

Everything you can possibly think Love! Now we cannot cover every little nuisance; otherwise you will be reading for all eternity; however, we will do our best to just hit the main characters in this fashion dilemma.

Alright dolls, apply that frost lip color, shake that hair and get in the car. We are going Victoria Secreting. To discover how to help VS return back to all the wondrous GLAMOUR that we adore, and still come up to the times. So then, let’s dive into the first martini level issue.

The Rise of Social Media

This is a factor many are choosing to ignore, and should not. Social media is another reason why the Angel is now dead. During the hype of Instagram, VS casting directors lost their minds and went haywire.

No longer were they only considering models based on their glamour potential. They went for… checks notes… follower count?! Yep. Some models literally got to become Angels because they had one million followers. They literally said this DURING the show! We are not capping, google is your friend. But goodness…The bar is now lower than Ariel and her sisters’ palace.

Gone are the days of the casting call. If you can get a bunch of eyes on yourself, great! Come walk a catwalk baby! Now while there are some models with a following whom are also quite stunning. However, there are also models with only 200 people on their accounts and they are drop dead gorgeous as well. Therefore, your “count” should not score you a modeling job; instead, your talent and abilities should. Since modeling is so much more than just your looks.

Modeling is not easy people. Anyone who has ever snapped a picture with friends knows that. Did you like the way you look? Or did you want to snap a few more shots with your girls in hopes of looking better? Come on be honest, Lol. We have all experienced the horror of being tagged in a friend’s photo and wondered, “Why did they pick that shot?!?

There’s nothing wrong with that! However, models ARE getting paid to produce SEVERAL beautiful shots for magazines, catalogs, and advertisements (and that’s before the photoshop). They have to get these shots quickly, and with just a certain amount of frames. Not everyone can do that. Not everyone is photogenic naturally to make it happen; or can even learn how move their body in a way to do it correctly.

That’s why there is a thing called “rejection.” Ouch. Yes, we are living NECK DEEP in the era of the Participation Award; however, it does not make it right. The word, ‘No,’ happens in literally every industry.

People go for job interviews all the time and do not get the contract or offer. The same thing occurs in the fashion and beauty industries. Yet, now… everyone is supposed to get the job, regardless if they possess the needed skills to actually do it.

If you can’t take a photo, you should not be working. If you walk like a twister and a blizzard combined; well honey, there’s other opportunities lol. And you can still be fabulous and end up as the Rich Auntie. We promise.

Old School With New School -Trust It Will Work

Society is all about nostalgia. Admit it, you are researching 80’s penthouse vibes right this second. Do you, this is a judgement free zone babe.

Nonetheless, from fashion to movies, everyone is cashing in on retro vibes. That’s why we are seeing 18 million Jurassic Parks go to the big screen and Disney remaking every animation they possess in their vault. And now if VS is smart, they will as well.

And there is plenty of free market research to support this. Just take a quick gander over on social media platform, TikTok. Everyday a new vid trends showing the vintage VS style model and show. Every comment just about screams, “Bring them back!”

ALSO, on Vickie’s own social pages, NUMEROUS fans have been imploring VS to return to their former ways. It’s not just a few individuals. It is literally the vast majority.

Therefore, Victoria’s Secret is really in the driver’s seat. They can choose to listen to their fanbase and give us Ed era dramatics; or choose to keep losing money till they are a relic. The option is both there and available.

To appease VS lovers, Victoria’s Secret should really think about combining models of the past, with new faces. Literally, go get Heidi, Tyra, Naomi, Giselle, Adriana, Alessandra, Liu, Jasmine, Candace, Lais, Xi Mengyao and Miranda (hey, notice the diversity). They all still look good. So let’s do this thing!

Let the show be a celebration of the Supermodel era with a handing of the torch to the new VS generation. This is a woman’s Super Bowl for crying out loud. It’s okay to show love to the Hall of Fame of models; just like sports still hears from Tom Brady, Deion Sanders and Peyton Manning. Therefore, yearly make the fashion show an event of gigantic magnitude.

Additionally, a mix needs to happen with musical guests as well. Have Willow Smith (please so homegirl can perform Wait A Minute); Justin Bieber and Janet Jackson all hit the stage. Not only will the show hit different generations as well as demographics; it will be freaking ICONIC.

You don’t have to just select one of the other. Or act like women are no longer attractive because they are a tad older. Celebrate women. Celebrate the OG’s and the new kids… opps, we mean the new ladies on the block.

Attack of the Blondes… It Is Okay to Like… Venture Out

Blondes have a lot of fun, but so do other women of differing hair tones too! One of the reasons, people started hollering about inclusiveness, is because every model started looking like a carbon copy of the girl who walked before her. The VS show was just a sea of blondes as far as the eye could see. A beautiful sea. Just very repetitive.

Did we still watch the show? GURL! Of course. Is it cool to see a little variety? Heck yeah.

Yes, let the blondes return to their former glory, yet can’t there be more selection? Like serve us more redheads, brunettes, girl’s with highlights. Shoot… Give us a FULL COURSE MEAL! No one just stops at the bread basket. They want the appetizer, entree and dessert honey. And Vickie… when it comes to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Angels, we do too.

Also, since we are on the topic of hair. Can we just bring the wavy and curly hairstyle back? WE ALL know the one. Here is a visual if you are still lost:





Okay, now you have been found, amen lol. But seriously, we don’t just want glamour makeup back. We want glam hair too. And women of all backgrounds can have gorgeous looking tresses. Black women have transformed the game when it comes to curls, waves, lace fronts, you name it. So, let’s throw throw those extensions in and get to flicking some hair down the runway!

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2023- Glamour is a Dying Breed

On TikTok and other online platforms, people herald that they want the glam back! They want the 90s and 2000s beauty. Well, if you want that, then you have to accept “standards.”

Not everyone can be glamourous. And that’s true regardless of your background. You either possess the “It Factor” or you do not. Here’s an example: Marilyn Monroe.

Now Marilyn Monroe, is STILL looked at as a sexy siren full of glamorous allure. This amazing lady has been long gone for decades and still mesmerizes us. Can just anyone be a Monroe? No.

In fact, back in the day, many film studios tried to create a Marilyn copy and failed miserably. Why? The copy never beats an original. You can dye a girl’s hair blonde, make sure she possesses big boobs and give her a sultry red lip. She will NOT look like or have the shame essence as Marilyn. Many try, none succeed.

To partially quote Beyonce… ‘She set a bar.’ Are there plenty of other Golden Era stars? Yes. Are they on the same iconic level as Monroe? Nope. And they do not have to be.

Several Old Hollywood stars are not Monroes, yet we love them. They are fine. We love their delivery on screen, their humor, style, grace and attitude. There’s other attributes about them that makes them still worthy of attention.

Nevertheless, how does this relate to glamour? Well, everyone can look nice and pretty, however, not everyone can achieve Adriana Lima, Heidi Klum, Ambrosio or Banks status. Or Giselle Bundchen. Or Naomi Campbell.

All of these women are OG Victoria’s Secret level for a reason. Insane bodies, which they workout hard for, despite genetics. Also, they have face card. These are the faces of 90s and 2000s glamour. No one in this list is average, or normal beauty. Most men and women, if being honest, would say they are a cut above.

Is it okay to be normal? Yes! Most of us are! You are in good company. Love it, embrace it and appreciate your own beauty. 90 percent of men are not Brad Pitts either. Therefore, it is not just a woman thing.

The majority of the world falls into the category of “non-model.” And there’s not single thing wrong about that. Yet, many just want to see a body that resembles themselves in fashion; and truth be told, that is not occurring despite various changes.

The Real Body is Still Not Seen

Another reason the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2023 Tour is still not what people want, is because it is still not highlighting “the real body.” Huh? More curvy models are in the industry than ever before. That is true, but it is still not the average body size.

Complaints about Victoria Secret years ago started because of bigger sizing not being available. Women wanted the same cute styles for smaller boobies to be available for ladies with more voluptuous “girls.” Finally, VS went a little larger.

This is where the brand is also killing themselves. If you have women yelling to the heavens, ‘hey I’ll buy your product, I just want to be able to fit into it.’ Why would you not just extend your size range? Seems like a pretty simple request, but we digress.

The fashion industry does not seem to understand what people mean by real body. A real body would be the size that most women fall into. Therefore, what is the average?

Well, most would say it is a size 14. However, that is old news. By current metrics, the average size of women in the United States is a size 16. Moreover, if you are a true 16 your measurements are: 33-36 inches (waist); 43-46 inches (hip) and around 43 inch bust.

So, if most women are a size 16, isn’t that the “real body” we should be seeing? Yet, most curvy or plus size models appear a lot bigger than that particular sizing. Therefore, the industry is still circling around the sweet zone. They either promote a body that is way thinner, or larger than the average size of a woman today.

Nevertheless, also this thinking is a two edge sword. Why? Well, because it also ignores women are just naturally thinner.

Yes, just like some are more prone to be more curvy, some individuals are just… well, thin. So who wins out? Who gets to be the real body? Isn’t all body shapes and forms “natural?”

The Victoria Secret Fashion Show- Oh Girl… The Ghetto

Maybe the answer then falls on the designs themselves. The VS robe was always a big deal. Why not show why it will look fabulous regardless of your size? If this is truly a show about women feeling beautiful, well show us looking beautiful!

Designs need to enhance the physique. For instance, designer Christian Siriano is known for dressing women of all sizes. Perhaps bring him on as a consultant?

Also, Zac Posen is famous for his sophisticated, gorgeous gowns? Who can forget his light up Cinderella dress from the Met Gala? Maybe it is time to bring him in too for some fresh innovation? The talent is out there, it is time for Victoria’s Secret to tap into it for full on fantasy inspiration.

When the first visuals of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2023 began coming to the surface, it was… underwhelming. Not one single design makes you want to actually buy it. Much less look at it.

Furthermore, in order to identify why VS is rapidly circling down the drain you have to understand what is killing it softly to begin with. It’s the designs! Being that VS is about fashion, this should not be a problem; however, it is one.

Vickie Secret’s show beginning in the mid 2010’s started looking rather… basic. The wings didn’t look as cool as the past, and it seemed like the company was a little bit in a rut. Even some of the Fantasy Bras did not excite like they used to in past shows.

This is why the brand needs to bring in designers that know how to exhilarate and project a ‘wow’ factor with their garments. Lady Gaga’s ginormous wings and ankle breaking heels moment, gives off more of a rush than every single design in the 2023 show. Fax… no printer.

Victorias Secret Angel -Glam Or WE Riot

So how can you make everyone happy? You can’t lol. That’s the truth whether people want to accept it or not. There will always be something that someone complains about or does not like. Nevertheless, VS can still try a lot harder to give the masses what they want.

We want GLAM. Give us Wind, Water, Fire and PYROTECHNICS! Give us art on the backs of 8 inch heels!

Now earlier we mentioned having a “standard.” Can many various sizes still fit that scenario? Heck yes. Therefore, how do you put that into a show?

First, VS has to say goodbye to this grunge thing it’s doing right now. Go back to girly. And only cast women who truly give off “other-worldly” beauty. Whether a size two or a 16, the face card better have us all trying out a new YT tutorial to achieve that girl’s look ourselves. And forget follower counts, or who someone’s mama, daddy or baby daddy is currently. Cast only ladies that are truly model material.

Also, every size needs to be the best version it can be. Old school VS models are known for working out… HARD and eating to tone and build muscle. They are a motivational factor for a lot of ladies all over the world. Therefore, every size model should put out for the catwalk. Models should be walking posters to size 6’s, 8’s, 12’s or higher how to be the healthiest and sexist representations of themselves.

Every woman wants to feel pretty. Everyone wants to see themselves. No one wants to see a reflection of their physique presented poorly or in an unflattering manner.

Oftentimes, we personally don’t like how curvier women are shown. Some companies show larger sizing in a “sloppy” manner. Just because you are not a size 0, does not mean you are not stylish, or well put together. This MUST change.

No, you don’t need to pull clothing under someone’s belly to show that they possess a stomach. Or show them with armpit hair (curvy women do shave… GASP); and clothing tags hanging out. Instead, show how to dress different shapes and physiques in a very chic, flattering way. That’s all women want.

Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra- Yes, It Must Return Too!

Just like the Angels, the Fantasy Bra needs to come back. Vickie seriously, spin the block one time. We ready Girl!

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2023 attempt could of been all about a reset. Resetting the company back to all of its former glory. Simply put… just bring back people’s favorites.

We love all the angelic art pieces. Love the pink robes. We NEED the corsets and push up bras with excessive underwire and padding. Every model back then literally gave us Barbie vibes. And with the Barbie movie easily making a billion dollars, obviously women everywhere want to look cute, pink and exclusive, with wind blowing their hair. Heavy on the wind.

Therefore, stop the games. Sell the perfumes, and highlight them during the show. Make everything look like it emerged from a sea of pink and glitter. If someone isn’t down for the girly girl aesthetic, then she just doesn’t need to be BFFs with Victoria. Period.

Yes, inflation is making people decide between eggs or a vacation right now. But, diamonds are a girl’s best friend and we wish to remain close besties. We all still love watching beautiful women, in dazzling lingerie making their way down a sparkling runway. Whether we can afford it or not. Heck, that’s what the Semi-Annual sale is for… isn’t it?

2023 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show… It’s Missing Persona

What is just as important to a VS model than Angel wings? A LARGE personality. Yes, Victoria’s Secret models are one of the kind.

They are fun. They have amazing energy (uhm Tyra literally opens a show dancing). And they are bonafide IT GIRLS.

It Girls stand out from the crowd. They fill the room with their aura and they know they are baddies. People’s heads snap and turn just to get another glimpse of them. If you ever have seen Gentlemen Prefer Blondes where Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell are walking into dinner; then you know exactly what we mean!

The Angels are “it girls” that have fun on the runway and it’s more than just some girl grinning and smiling wide. VS models have like rockstar and pop star energy. They stomp to the death down the catwalk, smize and captivate.

This newer version of the show is missing this element. Vickie’s Angels need to ooze of the OG Angel It Girl personality. All the past Angels made you want to kick back and have fun with them. They made you feel like you are just one of the glamorous girls. And its this ‘girl gang’ VS definitely needs back.

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show-Final Thoughts

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2023 fail, is a lesson in not understanding the fanbase and what they love about the brand. Victoria’s Secret thought it had to majorly change and that is just not the case. People still wanted the same vibe and feel. Just toss in a few more Asian, Indian, Latina, Islander, African, Redheads, Brunettes, breathtaking Curvies and call it a day.

Leave the hair stunning and fab. Have a million dollar bra we can all only dream about, with lingerie designs that will fit an array of sizes. And cast girls with talent and tons of personality. If they are not GIVING Giselle, Naomi, Candace or Tyra attitude then we don’t want it!

We deserve our lingerie Super Bowl back. It’s fun. It’s entertaining. And it is the fantasy we all love feeling apart of every single year. Therefore, can Vickie and the Angels make a comeback? Definitely, they just have to expand their wings and fly a little higher with their glamorous standards.

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