What Does the Met Gala Raise Money for?

It is the first Monday of May; so all of us couture divas know what time it is. FASHION HONEY! In just moments some of the biggest names of the fashion, entertainment, beauty, sports and music industries will converge upon the red carpet in order to take part in this year’s Met Gala festivities. However, if you are a bit new to this you may not know that this amazing event also helps to raise funds. So then, what does the Met Gala raise money for?

The Met Gala extravaganza is the biggest night in couture, every single year. While some atribute its creation to only one woman; two fabulous ladies can actually be accredited for very different reasons. Let’s begin with the first woman of note, the Gala was established by fashion publicist Eleanor Lambert; with the first event, the Costume Institute Gala, or Met Gala, taking place in 1948. It brought together the high society crowd, being advertised as a fundraiser for the then-newly founded Costume Institute, marking the opening of its annual exhibit.

However, its vibe is a bit transformed now, thanks to the work of legendary Vogue editor, Anna Wintour. Wintour has made it the glamorous, who’s-who dress up soirée that it is today. Causing frantic Google searches annually to see the likes of Rihanna or the “best dressed.”

What Does the Met Gala Raise Money for?

Nevertheless, while most will only focus on the designer clothing. The event is the sole reason why the Costume Institute is able to continue to thrive in our modern age. NBC News explains,

“The glamorous fundraising gala raises millions every year for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute, which houses the world’s most comprehensive costume collection.

Proceeds from the Met Gala, which is charging $75,000 per ticket this year, make up the institute’s main source of funding as it exhibits, conserves and studies more than 33,000 objects spanning global fashion history.”

So as one can see, the gala helps to sustain fashion conservation efforts. It is a night to not only be wowed by haute couture seen on your favorite star; but to remember the Greats and iconic figures that helped shape and mold the fashion industry from its very beginning to now.

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