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One of the most recent additions to our CBD Shop has been the Barcelona brand Xuxes CBD, which presents its collection of flowers and resin concentrates rich in CBD and of exceptional quality. It is a young and dynamic company, with modern and very colorful designs and a philosophy of urban life that supports other disciplines such as art, culture, or sports.

Today we invite you to discover some of their products, both CBD buds and different types of hashish, of course with a high content of this cannabinoid. As you can see, Xuxes CBD offers you an excellent variety of flowers, all of them rich in CBD but with differentiated organoleptic qualities, so you can find your favorite in its collection. And the same goes for their resins, all of them made with artisanal methods and, of course, 100% organic material.

Xuxes CBD is a young Spanish company dedicated to products rich in CBD, especially flowers and resins

Xuxes CBD, the best CBD flowers and resins

If you are interested in the world of CBD buds and extractions, today is your lucky day, because we want to present you a series of products that will surely meet your expectations both in terms of CBD content and organoleptic qualities. Xuxes Company was born from the concern of two young guys from Barcelona with a clear premise, to reinvent the world of CBD. And looking at the CBD landscape there was a problem: everyone does the same thing, over and over. And from this premise came this new project: approaching CBD from a totally new point of view.

With a minimal investment, the project started and on its own, with a lot of trial and error, it has become what it is now. And since they are somewhat “politically incorrect” guys, something that is transmitted in every expression of the brand… what better name than Xuxes to talk about CBD? And what happens if you add a little color to the gray imagery of classic CBD? Well, you no longer sell only CBD… The packaging of CBD products can also be visually attractive! Why not use a bold design, with presence and color? And why not focus on communication that transmits a lifestyle, a way of living and seeing the world? All this is Xuxes.

Xuxes’ approach goes beyond a mere commercial transaction because there is nothing these guys know how to do better than connecting with people, and creating community. The brand has become a storyteller, connecting emotionally through its creative communication. Every packaging and every interaction breathes fresh air, a new way of conceiving this world and interacting with it. Imagine a beacon of creativity in a sea of monochromatic boredom. This is Xuxes, giving life and color to the world of CBD. Each product is like a party for your senses and a declaration of living life to the fullest.

CBD Flowers from Xuxes CBD

In our online store, you can find a wide variety of CBD-rich buds from Xuxes, all of them, as you know, are offered in attractive packages so that you can distinguish them without any problem. You will find the flowers in containers of 3 grams, 2g for the resins. Of course, both one product and the other come from greenhouse crops and fertilized with organic nutrients. Let’s now look at some of their proposals:

Kushmintz Buds by Xuxes CBD

Who hasn’t heard of this spectacular cross between Critical Kush and Biscotti Mintz? Well, Xuxes presents here its version without THC and rich in CBD (up to 8%) of this genetics, one of the most popular in its flower catalog. Kushmintz by Xuxes CBD is a variety that produces dense, tight buds with an intense citrus aroma, which you can enjoy in the way you like.

Green Berry Buds from Xuxes CBD

Green Berry is a strain that comes from hybridizing the famous Green Crack and the no less popular Cherry Pie. The CBD content of the version that comes with Xuxes CBD is around 6%, of course with a THC content of less than 0.2%, thus being completely legal. The aroma of Green Berry by Xuxes CBD is fresh and powerful, with intense fruity nuances and compact, perfectly trimmed flowers.

As you can see, the packaging of Xuxes CBD is very attractive and personalized for each variety
As you can see, the packaging of Xuxes CBD is very attractive and personalized for each variety

Xuxes CBD Amnesia Buds

As it could not be otherwise, within the catalog of this brand we find one of the most iconic varieties on the global cannabis scene in recent decades; Indeed, Amnesia by Xuxes CBD is its CBD-rich version of this legendary genetics, undoubtedly one of the most cultivated in history. With a CBD content close to 15%, it is one of the plants with the highest index of this cannabinoid in its collection.

Somango Buds from Xuxes CBD

And if we talk about classics of the marijuana scene, one of the varieties that cannot be missed is Somango, known everywhere for its powerful aroma of tropical fruits. Thus, Somango by Xuxes CBD maintains this characteristic aroma while presenting a CBD content of 14%, being one of the brand’s most sought-after genetics.

CBD Resins from Xuxes CBD

Apart from its collection of flowers rich in cannabidiol, Xuxes CBD also offers you resins with a high content of this cannabinoid. These are some of them:

Bubble Hash CBD

With a texture and aroma very similar to that of traditional charas (hashish obtained by rubbing fresh flowers and typical of areas such as Nepal or northern India), this hashish has a CBD content close to 30%. Bubble Hash CBD is a particularly sticky and malleable resin, very dark brown and with earthy and forest aromas.

Gummy Hash CBD

With a sandy texture and a penetrating earthy and spicy aroma, Gummy Hash CBD has a light color that becomes darker as you work the piece with your fingers. Its CBD content is also close to 30%, with 3% CBG that rounds out the experience and adds a new dimension to its effect.

Tangie Hash CBD

Finally, we present to you the Xuxes CBD resin from one of the most awarded varieties in recent times, Tangie. The result of a cross between California Orange, Skunk, and a third unknown parent, this genetics is known throughout the world for its powerful citrus aroma, reminiscent of tangerines and oranges. The CBD content of Tangie Hash CBD reaches 26%, a not insignificant figure, especially if it is accompanied by its delicious aroma.

Do not hesitate to visit our website to take a look at the complete Xuxes CBD catalog, we are sure that you will find both flowers and resins rich in CBD that will convince you. Remember that, as they have a THC content of less than 0.2%, all of these products are 100% legal and you can purchase them without problem. If you’ve already tried them, share your opinion in the comments section!

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