Zendaya Film Challengers Number One at the Box Office; Proving She CAN Lead

If you are looking for a review of the film; we are sorry to disappoint. But, that is not what this feature will be about. Zendaya is a triple threat ( yeah, no one probably even knows what that means anymore lol); which is a term referring to a Hollywood star that can sing, dance and act. Yet, we are finding that she is not getting the recognition or even accolades that she deserves. Well, maybe what happened with her latest movie might help; Zendaya’s film Challengers is number one at the box office in its first week of release.

Not number two. Not just somewhere nestled in the top ten. But this piece of cinema is comfortably resting in the top position.

Therefore, why no flowers? You would think a nominated and awarding winning actress would garner a tad more respect. However, Zendaya is still working to achieve the level of being considered not only a talented actress, but one who can bring audiences to the theater.

Some feel that her movies do well only due to genre. It is true… action, comics and sci-fi films can tend to bring the people to the yard. However, these aren’t the only movies she has done. Additionally, there are others that feel Zendaya playing next to the likes of Tom Holland and Timothee Chalamet has helped make her movies popular.

Nevertheless, with Challengers, Zendaya got the opportunity to show a different aspect. That she can in fact lead a movie. And she took things very seriously.

To get ready for the role, she prepped by watching hours and hours of recordings of tennis players with a similar body build to hers. Some being Coco Gauff, Venus Williams and Sharapova. Learning how they move and react; so that she could immolate the same characteristics on film.

She also hit the gym. HARD. Spending 12 weeks adding muscle to her frame. In fact, Buzzfeed reports that:

“In terms of training, Zendaya, Mike, and Josh worked for three months, which included training for six weeks at a country club outside of Boston right before filming began. It was there that Brad and his wife, Kim Gilbert, coached the trio.”

Well, the hard work paid off. Challengers is number one at the box office in its first week of release. With no dramatic desert photography, or amazing swinging hero. Just Zendaya, her acting chops, immense work ethic; and her desire to bring her leading character to life. Hopefully this helps to move the needle to change the narrative surrounding her as a Hollywood actress.

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