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Today we are going to present you a new bank of feminized seeds that in recent times has seen its popularity increase considerably thanks to the quality of its varieties, ZmoothieZ. And at ZmoothieZ, quality is not just a goal, it is a philosophy and a way of life. This company is dedicated to delivering the best cannabis genetics, driven by deep passion and an unwavering commitment to extensive research and quality testing.

Discover with us who is behind this bank, what is their way of working and, above all, which of their genetics we especially recommend, whether for their quality, production, speed, or ease of cultivation. Everything you need to know about ZmoothieZ you will find in this article!

ZmoothieZ will surprise you with his breeding work, which presents truly spectacular features

ZmoothieZ, experience, and talent

With over 30 years of experience growing cannabis, ZmoothieZ’s career reflects his dedication and passion for the plant. This rich legacy is the foundation on which they build, guaranteeing unique products of exceptional quality for their customers. Their history in the industry is proof of their commitment to excellence and innovation, having earned their place in the complicated sector of feminized cannabis seeds.

ZmoothieZ is not only a provider of good genetics, but a faithful companion in the world of cannabis that will never let you down. Its team of experts is always available to answer customers’ questions, guide them in choosing products, and ensure a personalized and satisfactory shopping experience. They are dedicated to making their customers’ journey into the world of cannabis as enriching as possible, of course, offering top-level strains as well as excellent after-sales service.

And everything is born as a result of passion at ZmoothieZ; Those responsible for them have spent more than 25 years dedicated not only to cultivation, but to traveling around the world collecting clones and seeds, seeing how their varieties flourished in all corners of the planet, and establishing a network of trusted growers and breeders who have helped them to develop its incredible varieties, adaptable to all types of environments and cultivation techniques.

ZmoothieZ Varieties

ZmoothieZ Genetics comes in packages of 4 feminized seeds with a price of €45 per package, a format that is not usually the usual 3 or 5 seeds per package. As you will see, the results with their varieties are really good, with compact flowers full of resin that give off intense aromas…if you grow them indoors, you will need a good active carbon filter! Let’s see below some of their most popular seeds:

Miss Orange Nectar, citrus aroma and stimulating effect

This variety is the result of hybridizing two plants with truly outstanding traits, Orange Cream Sicle and Black Hindu Kush, an explosive mixture that combines the best of two worlds to give you an experience of another level.

With a genotype of 30% Indica and 70% Sativa, Miss Orange Nectar will take you on a ride through the clouds and will leave you with a smile from ear to ear, the effect being one of its strong points especially if you need to improve your mood or combat anxiety or stress. Indoor flowering is quite fast because in just 8-9 weeks you will have your buds ready to enjoy.

For outdoor growers, the good news is that flowering ends in October, so be prepared to harvest in early autumn and have a good reserve for the coming months. And be careful, the THC content of this genetics is high, between 18-20%, so prepare the couch and the popcorn because this beauty is going to take you on a trip to another galaxy. As you can imagine from its name, the flavor and aroma are very similar to those of oranges, with marked citrus notes.

Ready to try Miss Orange Nectar? Let the party begin!

Miss Orange Nectar is a beauty that stands out for its intense citrus notes of orange and mandarin
Miss Orange Nectar is a beauty that stands out for its intense citrus notes of orange and mandarin

Candy Lime, speed, production, and high THC

Attention top-notch bud lovers! We present Candy Lime by ZmoothieZ, a powerful cross between Orange Nectar and G-mob that will surprise you with its perfect combination of 80% Indica and 20% Sativa which produces buds with unusual calyx sizes.

If you are going to grow it indoors, flowering will end after about 8 or 9 weeks, but we assure you…it will be worth the wait, and you will enjoy seeing how those flowers swell as the weeks go by. Outdoors, it is better to leave it in full Sun until October and you will see how wonderful it is…its brilliant trichomes will delight you with a true visual spectacle, not to mention its aromas! Furthermore, given its high THC content of up to 26%, get ready for an intense and powerful trip.

Best of all, production is high both indoors and outdoors, regardless of the cultivation technique so you will have top-quality buds for a while, with nuances in flavor and aroma that mix Kush, sweet, and citrus.

Don’t miss this true spectacle in your grow!

Candy Lime by ZmoothieZ develops huge, dense flowers with marked Kush notes
Candy Lime by ZmoothieZ develops huge, dense flowers with marked Kush notes

Banana Jelly’Z, powerful effect and banana flavor

Ready to meet one of the new beauties of the cannabis world? Well, we present to you Banana Jelly’Z by ZmoothieZ, a hybrid between Banana OG and Orange Nectar that, among all its extraordinary features, stands out for its effect, a perfect mix between deep body relaxation and a touch of mental energy… an incredible sensory journey!

With a genotype of 80% Indica and 20% Sativa, prepare to feel relaxed but with a hint of happiness and creativity. In just 8-9 weeks of flowering indoors, you will be ready to harvest those buds full of shiny trichomes, which will produce awesome resin extractions. And if you decide to plant it outdoors, October will be your harvest month, enjoying its vigorous growth and abundant production and reaching the harvest before the rains and low temperatures.

With a THC content of up to 26%, this beauty doesn’t mess around, so take it easy because its effect is really intense, it can even put less seasoned smokers in trouble. Whether you grow indoors or outdoors, production will be high, ensuring you have a reserve of quality flowers for the coming months.

So now you know, if you are looking for a variety that will make you float on clouds of happiness and calm, Banana Jelly’Z is your ideal choice. Of course, and seeing its lineage, you can expect aromas and flavors that fuse nuances of banana and orange, all in a sweet and very pleasant background on the palate… Get ready to enjoy a delicious flavor that will conquer you from the first puff!!

If you are looking for a plant with terpenes reminiscent of banana, Banana Jelly'Z should be one of your candidates
If you are looking for a plant with terpenes reminiscent of bananas, Banana Jelly’Z should be one of your candidates

Forbidden Nectar, sweet and fruity flavor and high potency

If you are looking for an experience with a powerful relaxing effect, Forbidden Nectar by ZmoothieZ is the cannabis strain you are looking for. This beauty is the result of crossing Forbidden Fruit and Orange Nectar, an explosive combination that will take your cultivation to the next level.

With its hybrid Indica/Sativa genetics, Forbidden Nectar takes you on a balanced journey between relaxation and energy, although after a while after smoking it, you will notice a strong feeling of relaxation. Indoors it only needs between 8 and 9 weeks to finish flowering, while outdoors you will have to wait until October to harvest it. Of course, when you see its huge buds, you will even feel sorry for having to cut them off!

Its THC content is very high, reaching more than 25% in most specimens, offering a balanced effect between body relaxation and brain stimulation. Both indoors and outdoors, and whatever cultivation technique you use, you can expect a generous production, which will exceed 500g/m2 if your crop is well optimized…get ready for an abundant and high-quality harvest!!

Forbidden Nectar is the perfect option for those looking for something unique, powerful, and packed with flavor. Do you dare to try it?

Forbidden Nectar's flowers are beautiful, with purple tones and a dense layer of resin
Forbidden Nectar’s flowers are beautiful, with purple tones and a dense layer of resin

As you can see, the cannabis varieties offered by ZmoothieZ not only stand out for their quality and potency but also for the diversity of aromatic profiles and therapeutic effects they provide to consumers. From the most relaxing indica genetics to the most stimulating sativa genetics, ZmoothieZ is positioned as a benchmark in the cannabis market for its commitment to genetic excellence and customer satisfaction. Don’t hesitate to try some of their spectacular varieties!

Happy harvest!

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