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5 Ways to Tackle Your Sugar Cravings Instantly!

sugar cravings

Do you find yourself guilty of craving something sweet after a meal? You often find yourself saying “Now I need something sweet.” If that’s the case, you’re not alone! The urge for sugar is a common experience for many. However, many people are becoming more self-aware of the dangers of sugar cravings and sugar additions. 

It’s important for Black Americans to be mindful of their sugar intake due to the higher risk of developing diabetes. A study by NIH found that the probability of developing diabetes was “significantly higher for Black adults than for white adults.” This means that Black Americans need to pay more attention to their diet and make an effort to avoid consuming excessive amounts of added sugars.

​​With added sugars in virtually every product on the market, altering your eating habits can be daunting, requiring significant effort and dedication.

While some people have turned to medications and other products to curb sugar cravings, there are a few ways you can take a holistic approach to stop cravings— immediately and long-term. Here are a few ways you can get started.

1. Regulate Your Blood Sugar With Pickle Juice

In a recent Instagram reel, YoungerYouDoc suggests that drinking pickle juice can be beneficial. Pickle juice contains a high amount of sodium, which can stimulate the neurons in your brain that crave sugar. Also, this hack can help in stabilizing your blood sugar levels.

If you are not a huge fan of pickles, there are other ways to regulate your blood sugar. One of them is by adding more proteins and healthy fats to your diet This can include more avocados, nuts, salmon, and more. By simply replacing your afternoon Kit Kat with a handful of cashew nuts or pickle chips, you can begin to notice a difference. 

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2. Add More Electrolytes To Your Diet

YoungerYouDoc recommends adding an electrolyte mix to your water to instantly stop cravings. The added electrolytes are both sweet and salty and include sodium, a major factor in combating sugar cravings.

Additionally, as a great bonus, the electrolyte packets will help you stay hydrated throughout the day. Incorporating this mix into your daily routine can provide a great additional boost.

3. A Pinch of Salt On Your Tongue

There might not be a simpler way to stop sugar cravings than this.YoungerYouDoc says this technique will help you

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