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5 Ways to Use Tech to Manage Your Condition

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Technology is incredible, and day by day, advancement by advancement, it’s changing everything.

In the era of digital innovation, not only does technology impact our daily lives, but it also transforms our health! Diabetes management is no different. Thanks to cool tools and gadgets, patients now have the ability to better monitor and control their condition. For Black patients with diabetes, who are more likely to be diagnosed and suffer severe complications, these technologies can mean everything.

From smartphone apps to cutting-edge devices, here are five ways Black diabetics can supercharge their health and well-being.

1. Blood Sugar Tracking Apps

Obviously, your blood sugar is one of the most important factors in managing diabetes. But it’s not always so easy. Thankfully, it just got a lot easier. Blood sugar tracking apps are revolutionizing the way you monitor your glucose levels. You can log blood sugar readings, track changes over time, and even set your own targets as you go. 

It goes further than that! Many of these apps also provide medication reminders, meal logging, and full integration capabilities with other devices. For instance, you can wear what’s called continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) devices. Thanks to blood sugar tracking apps, you get the valuable insights you need every moment to stay healthy and going strong.

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2. Implantable Glucose Monitors

Sounds a little unsettling? 

Well, don’t worry, when we say “implantable,” we’re not talking about some deep, devastating surgery. Rather, we’re referring to tiny little devices that go right under your skin. This small but groundbreaking tech provides continuous, real-time glucose monitoring – pretty cool, right? In other words, no more finger-pricking! 

You’ll also get instant feedback on your blood sugar status. Feeling low on energy or over the top? Your implantable device will tell you why, with real-time data to back it up. It’s also a great way to manage your diabetes privately, without the struggle of more traditional methods. All around, a win-win! 

3. Artificial Pancreas

Also known as a closed-loop insulin delivery system, this piece of technology is like a two-in-one. It combines continuous glucose monitoring with automated insulin delivery. Not to get too technical, but essentially the artificial pancreas uses advanced algorithms to change your

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