Beyonce My House- The Queen’s Surprise Drop!

Yes, there are in fact a whole twenty-four hours in the day. However, when you are Queen Bey, the hustle does not sleep! Case in point, how Mrs. Carter decides to freak out one and all; plus leave her beyhive in absolute hysterics by surprise dropping a spanking new single. Are y’all ready? The time has arrived for the Beyonce My Home single!

She is a star. She is the moment. And Mrs. Carter is a master of the art of creating hype and insane interest. How she does it time after time (with no real lead up mind you), needs to be studied. It’s safe to say “she carries” the industry on her fashionable back.

Nevertheless, this new release by Bey is coming right on the heels of another big drop. Beyoncé’s concert documentary, chronicling her recent Renaissance World Tour. At the premieres for her film in both Los Angeles, California; as well as London, England; numerous stars attended and showed mad support. Everyone from Taylor Swift to Gabrielle Union, Lizzo, Tia Mowry and all the former members of Destiny’s Child.

With that kind of star power in one room, you already know the event is going to trend online. Bey’s film and premiere not only trended… but still are trending! Therefore, Beyonce riding this wave of attention and putting out a new single; is a very smart business move. However, would you expect anything less from a world renowned talent worth over $600 million? Of course not.

Yet, for fans this new song is still a very pleasant surprise. The first act of Renaissance has been out for some time. The world tour is now over. The only thing left to enjoy is the Renaissance film release.

But, Beyonce wants to make sure her fans stay well fed. With plenty of content and music to consume. And she’s doing a fabulous job at it.

Beyonce My House- The Queen’s Surprise Drop!

My home BANGS. It’s upbeat with a strong melodic base. You’ll dance, but not ignore the lyrics. Especially, when Blue Ivy’s mom makes it clear that she wants you out of her house (wink, wink).

Moreover, during the song of course we get to hear some of our favorite type of lyrics from Mrs Carter. Tiffany’s, diamonds, and jewels. The Queen loves the finer things.

However, she also expresses a movement to love one another and appreciate each other. In the song, My Home, Bey beautifully states,

“I’ll always love you. But I’ll never expect you to love me if you don’t love yourself. Let’s heal the world one beautiful action at a time. This is real love.”

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