STOP Using These Products On Textured Hair!

Most of us grew up using heavy hair oils. Old school days of Blue Magic, Dudley’s pressing cream, and various pomades come to mind expeditiously. Our grandmas, moms and hairdressers all slapped such products on our strands without a second thought.

Is there a better way to handle and care for textured hair? Yes. And the first step is to throw out anything that is considered a heavy oil hair product.

Furthermore, what classifies a product as being “heavy oil.” To know if your favorite haircare or styling product falls into such a category you have to flip it over and study the ingredients list. What you really want to glance at are the first 1-4, or 1-5 ingredients. If any of these first 4-5 ingredients are a hair oil then it is oil heavy.

Now hair professionals say you definitely want to avoid hair items that have oil listed in the first 4 ingredients. However, some feel that an argument can be made for products formulated with an oil in the 5th ingredient spot. Due to this, it is up to your comfort level. Definitely steer clear of products using oil in the first four ingredients; but maybe have some leniency for products with a formula using hair oil as a 5th ingredient.

Heavy Hair Oils: STOP Using These Products On Textured Hair!

Now that we are aware what constitutes as a heavy oil product. The next logical question is, why is using one so bad? Here’s a few reasons to ponder.

  • Makes Hair Depend on Products– Have you noticed that you need to use a lot of product(s) on your hair lately? More than usual? Does your bathroom look like a Target store aisle? If you have to use a large medley of products on wash day your hair may have formed a dependency on needing large quantities of product. Heavy oil products can cause this problem in time.
  • Dry Out Hair Causing Damage– It’s just a scientific fact… oil and water don’t mix. Using an oil heavy shampoo or conditioner (which unfortunately most products are currently formulated like this); coat the hair and in time can cause hair not to take in water. Have you ever seen someone with black or textured hair dunk their head under the water in a pool and come out with their hair looking like it never got wet?

    Do you get out of the shower and notice beads of water sitting on top of your strands? This should not occur, your hair needs to take in water to stay healthy and well hydrated. Dry hair leads to brittle strands, and breakage.

There are many other reasons to discuss. And we will in a future article. We will also go deeper into the benefits of developing a hair routine that utilizes products that have a formula with smaller amounts of hair oil and avoids additional ingredients that draw hydration from the hair. Be sure to return to learn more!

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