FKA Twigs is Named New Creative Partner of ON; Athletic Shoe and Sportswear Company

Finally, a partnership that truly makes a ton of sense. Singer and entertainer, FKA Twigs possesses one of the most athletic physiques in the industry. She takes amazing care of herself and definitely understands the importance of proper shoes and sportswear when it comes to staying toned and in shape. Nonetheless, now she is taking her expertise into the design realm. FKA Twigs has been named as a new Creative Partner for ON.

ON is a brand that specializes in producing high performance athletic wear for women, as well as men. Their popularity continues to grow due to their innovative creativity. Originating in the Swiss Alps; On is becoming quite iconic for developing running shoes that feature the first patented cushioning system which is activated only when you need it – during the landing.

Now they are ready to continue to introduce new methods, ideas and concepts into their industry. And they are bringing on FKA Twigs to help infuse a fresh approach and perspective into their brand. They excitedly announced their partnership with FKA Twigs via social media platform, Instagram. Briefly stating,

“Introducing FKA TWIGS as a new Creative Partner and collaborator on our upcoming training collections. Stay tuned for more on the partnership. Welcome to the team, twigs.”

FKA Twigs is Named New Creative Partner of ON; Athletic Shoe and Sportswear Company

Nevertheless, what about Twigs herself? How is she feeling about undertaking this new challenge and project? Well, she is a ball of fashion joy right now. She not only explained what she likes most about being a part of ON’s creative team; but why she trains and workouts so diligently. She explains,

“I’m just so happy to be here, and collaborating. Like that’s the highlight of it. For me, actually the building of it.

I think I just really respect craft, and I really respect design. Training to me is like part of my personal contracting with my body to make sure that I feel good.

When I train I really feel very beautiful. But it’s like a beauty from the inside. It has nothing to do with how I look from the outside.”

Nice. FKA Twigs is such a creative from her songs to her music videos. Therefore, we are sure she shall design something absolutely fabulous in collaboration with ON!

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