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As you already know if you are a follower of our Blog, at Alchimia we are constantly looking for new seed banks to expand our offer of cannabis varieties, and this season is no exception. Well, after introducing you to new banks such as Growers ChoiceBotafarm Genetics, or Lit Farms, today it is the turn of Black Farm Genetix, a seed bank based very close to Barcelona that is causing a sensation among all types of growers for the quality of their varieties and the great results they offer.

If you are one of those who are always looking for new and powerful varieties, you are going to love what they are doing at Black Farm. These guys are combining the best of the best to bring you seeds that not only promise great yields but also traits highly appreciated by growers such as pest resistance or ease of cultivation. From compact, resinous flowers to terpene profiles that will make your senses go wild, this seed bank is here to redefine your expectations. We’ll tell you more below!

Black Farm Genetix presents itself with a series of first-class hybrids that will not leave you indifferent

Black Farm Genetix, passion for cannabis breeding

In the heart of one of the most famous towns on the Catalan coast, sunny Sitges, near Barcelona, a team of expert growers and weed enthusiasts have set out to take their skills to the next level, developing high-quality hybrids from some of the most well-known and loved American genetics by the cannabis community.

Indeed, and as you will see in this article, the Black Farm Genetix varieties come from some of the most famous American clones, plants that have earned an excellent reputation among growers and consumers for the very high quality of the flowers they produce, which are also usually accompanied by surprisingly high THC content, which translates into really powerful effects that can put less experienced consumers in trouble.

As you will see, some of their varieties are developed from the same parent used as a male or pollen donor plant (in this case, and since they are feminized seeds, it is a female whose sex is reversed). This usually happens when the selected male presents truly outstanding traits but without dominating in terms of aroma and flavor, so that the same male can be crossed with several females, giving rise to hybrids of high quality but with qualities in terms of flavor and different effects, each one with its own personality.

In the case of Black Farm, this “star male” is Acai Cake, a spectacular plant coming from self-pollination (S1) of Ice Cream Cake (Gelato #33 x Wedding Cake). With an impressive resin production and a very high THC content, it is an excellent plant to be used as a parent, something that the guys at Black Farm have not stopped taking advantage of to develop a series of hybrids that will delight any grower thanks to its ease of cultivation, excellent results, and powerful effect. But let’s focus now on introducing you to some of the Black Farm genetics that you can already get on our website; We would be surprised if you didn’t find some genetics that awaken your most primordial growing desires!

Black Farm Genetix varieties in Alchimia

You can find Black Farm genetics in the format of 5 feminized seeds and with a price of €50 per package. All the varieties that you can find in our store are photo-dependent, that is, they need a change in the photoperiod received to induce them to flower, so if you are looking for automatic seeds we recommend you consult the auto-flowering seeds category on our website. Let’s now look at some of the work that the guys from Black Farm propose to us.

Fertilising Autoflowering Cannabis Plants

Autoflowering seeds have quickly become a very popular option among growers, especially for those who want fast and discreet harvests or who don’t enjoy the benefits of a suitable climate for outdoor cultivation. However, their small size means that nutrient requirements differ slightly from photoperiod plants. Here we explain the best way to feed autoflowering cannabis plants.

Lamponi by Black Farm, a tsunami of resin

The result of a cross between Cherry AK and Acai CakeLamponi from Black Farm is a variety that stands out for both its yield and its quality, although as you can see in the image, resin production is undoubtedly one of its most notable features. When grown indoors, you will have flowers ready in just 8 to 9 weeks, while outdoors you can harvest at the beginning of October, with a generous production of up to 500 grams per plant.

The high THC content of this genetics ensures powerful and long-lasting effects, ideal for those looking for an intense and long-lasting experience. Its flavor and aroma profile are simply spectacular, combining sweet and fruity notes with nuances of red fruits and forest berries and a touch reminiscent of vanilla, complex and unique organoleptic properties that are the result of its rich genetic heritage.

Perfect for growers who want a robust, high-producing plant with superior quality, Lamponi will not only offer you an abundant harvest but also a sensory experience that will leave you totally satisfied. Don’t wait any longer and add Lamponi to your collection to enjoy a cutting-edge premium variety!

 Yes, Black Farm's Lamponi trichome production is absolutely spectacular
Yes, Black Farm’s Lamponi trichome production is absolutely spectacular

Black Farm Pannacotta, Competition Buds

Pannacotta is a cross between Gelato #41 and Acai Cake that will attract the attention of growers due to its powerful THC content, ensuring an experience that is as intense as it is satisfying for the most demanding cannabis lovers. In indoor cultivation, your plants will be ready for harvest after 8-9 weeks of flowering, while outdoors you can harvest in October, with especially high production outdoors.

The flavor profile of Black Farm’s Pannacotta is simply exquisite, combining the sweet and creamy notes typical of Gelato 41 with the exotic touch of Acai Cake. This combination not only guarantees a delicious flavor but also a fragrance that will flood your growing space with irresistible aromas. Keep this in mind and think about using ozonators or active carbon filters!

We highly recommend it if you are looking for a balanced and easy-to-handle variety, and with an appearance or bag appeal that really catches your attention. In addition, Pannacotta offers a medium production indoors, ideal for smaller spaces or discreet crops, while outdoors you can expect an abundant and generous harvest. However, this average yield indoors is compensated by a large amount of resin and the final quality of the flowers, which make it worth growing a lot!

 Pannacotta from Black Farm produces wonderful buds, dense and with an aroma that will captivate you instantly
Pannacotta from Black Farm produces wonderful buds, dense and with an aroma that will captivate you instantly

Banana Melonade, a powerful fruit cocktail

Banana Melonade by Black Farm is a powerful hybrid resulting from the cross between Melonade and Banana Punch that stands out for its impressive THC content, exceeding 25%, which guarantees a powerful and long-lasting experience. In indoor cultivation, you can harvest them after about 8 or 9 weeks of flowering, while outdoors you can harvest them in October, offering high and consistent production in both environments.

The aromatic and flavor profile of Banana Melonade is a true delight, something that we dare to say you have rarely tried. Melonade genetics provide fresh and fruity notes, while Banana Punch adds a sweet and exotic touch, creating a combination that will delight your senses. A mixture of fruity nuances is reinforced when extracting resin from its flowers, especially if they are still fresh, without any drying.

Banana Melonade is a perfect variety for both beginner and experienced growers, always offering consistent and top-quality results. Its high production indoors makes it ideal for those seeking to maximize their harvest in controlled spaces, and outdoors it can achieve impressive yields of up to 500 grams per plant, even more if grown in full soil and with maximum care. Without a doubt, it is a safe bet if you love powerful effects and fruity and sweet flavors.

 Banana Melonade from Black Farm develops enormous leaves and flowers loaded with trichomes
Banana Melonade from Black Farm develops enormous leaves and flowers loaded with trichomes

Ipanema, versatility and great performance

Ipanema from Black Farm is a hybrid between Acai Cake and Orange Punch that has a high THC content, ranging between 20% and 25%, providing an intense and very pleasant experience. In indoor cultivation, these plants flower in 9 to 10 weeks, offering a high production of 500-600 grams per square meter in well-optimized crops. For outdoor crops, Ipanema will be ready to harvest in October, producing equally generous yields with very few complications.

This strain is appreciated by growers not only for its high yield but also for its delicious terpene profile. The combination of Acai Cake and Orange Punch provides sweet and fruity flavors and aromas, with citrus nuances and hints of berries, which turn each session into an incomparable sensory experience…You will want more!

Ipanema is perfect and totally recommended for both novice and experienced growers, offering resistant and easy-to-grow plants that respond well to different growing techniques such as LST. With its high THC levels and abundant production, it is an ideal choice for those looking for a reliable, high-quality strain. Furthermore, and as you can see in the image, its lilac phenotype is a true spectacle to behold. Don’t wait any longer and add Ipanema to your collection to enjoy a variety that combines power, flavor, and great yields!

 Ipanema from Black Farm produces truly spectacular plants, especially when they take on purple hues
Ipanema from Black Farm produces truly spectacular plants, especially when they take on purple hues

And there you have it…Black Farm Genetix has arrived in our catalog and with a bang! We are excited to present these high-quality feminized seeds, perfect for those looking for the best in hybrids. With Black Farm Genetix, you can expect robust plants, impressive yields, and flavor profiles that will leave you wanting more. So don’t miss the opportunity to try these exceptional genetics, of which you have seen only a sample today. Check them out in our store and start your next grow with the best of the best!

Happy harvest!

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