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Recognizing Red Flags In Relationships: Is this Toxic?

recognizing red flagsIndividuals on social media have been using the term “red flag” more lately. With this trend, “red flag” is used more loosely to refer to concerning behaviors of friends, family, or romantic partners. Recognizing red flags should be easy by now right?

Across social media platforms and amongst young adults, this term is used loosely and sometimes playfully. Outside of social media and this trend, red flags can indicate that you may be dealing with someone who may be abusive or manipulative in relationships.

It is extremely important to know and be able to recognize red flags in romantic relationships. Here is some information and things to look for regarding toxic relationships.

Recognizing Red Flags, What Do They Indicate?

A red flag indicates that your partner may be toxic or abusive. Abuse comes in lots of different forms. The most obvious form of abuse is physical, but emotional, mental, verbal, and financial abuse can be just as harmful.

Physical abuse is the most obvious form because it’s easy to recognize, and the pain is felt immediately. This can be any form of assault, like hitting, pushing, kicking, or the use of any dangerous item.

Emotional abuse is damaging behavior that aims to disrupt or manipulate an individual’s emotional regulation. Emotional and mental abuse can look very similar, but mental abusers will focus more effort on manipulating their partner’s perception of reality or their way of thinking. 

Physical Abuse 

A physically abusive partner usually starts with small motions that indicate the type of behavior they will have in the relationship, especially in conflict.

Throwing, pushing, or breaking items during conflict or stressful situations is definitely a red flag to be mindful of. Consider what this person may do if put in a more complicated situation.

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