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Black Massage Therapist Celebrates 16 Years of Helping 1,000’s of People Improve Mental and Physical Well-Being

Cherron Lampkins

Meet Cherron Lampkins, the founder and CEO of The Wellness Lab, one of the fastest Black-owned wellness studios in the Washington, DC area. She is a former HBCU collegiate athlete at Shaw University, and she is now celebrating 16 years as a License Massage Therapist (LMT) who has served thousands of customers.

Cherron refers to herself as a “recovered teen mom” who has battled self-esteem and mental health issues. However, she was inspired by her late grandparents late grandparents to advocate for the mental and physical benefits of massage therapy, while continuing to improve her own well-being.

She comments, “Massage therapy serves as a crucial necessity in the Black community, offering not just relaxation but a holistic approach to health. While many in the Black community remain distracted by material things we can touch or show, recognizing massage therapy as more than a luxury underscores the importance of self-care and resilience within a community often contending with unique challenges. In a context where historical disparities and systemic stressors persist, regularly getting massages aids in stress reduction, promotes mental well-being, and addresses physical ailments.”

In a world where the pace of life seems to quicken each day, Cherron underscores the vital role of massage therapy in promoting overall well-being. As a seasoned professional with over 16 years of experience, she emphasizes that massage is not just a pampering treat but an essential practice for maintaining physical, mental, and emotional balance.

Her approach to massage therapy extends beyond relaxation, positioning it as a proactive measure to manage stress, alleviate chronic pain, and enhance the body’s natural healing mechanisms. Through a combination of expert touch and personalized coaching, she guides clients toward a holistic understanding of self-care, emphasizing its crucial role in the modern, demanding lifestyle.

Her curated massage and self-care retreats serve as havens for relaxation, promoting both physical and mental rejuvenation for those seeking a respite from the demands of everyday life.

Individuals are invited to reconsider their perspective on massage therapy, recognizing it as a cornerstone of preventive healthcare. In Cherron’s view, regular massage is not an indulgence but a strategic investment in one’s health and quality of life.

For media inquiries, interviews, or additional information, please contact or 202-642-6503.

Cherron Lampkins Wellness, LLC’s platform is dedicated to providing expert massage therapy, corporate partnerships, and quality self-care coaching. With a commitment to promoting health and well-being, she strives to make massage therapy and self-care services accessible and recognized as a necessity for individuals seeking a balanced and fulfilling life. Be sure to follow her on
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