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Black-Owned AI Automated Dispensary Startup Pledges 1% for Digital Cannabis Equity & Impact Program

David Obasiolu, founder of Chow 420

Chow420 was launched three years ago with the vision to revolutionize the workings of the hemp and cannabis industry. Throughout its existence, the company has been focused on disrupting the hemp-cannabis market with a novel solution that meets the specific challenges faced by the market. Ultimately, this objective materialized in the form of a suite that combines a smart network of automated dispensaries and a Web 3.0 online platform to connect customers to compliant and effective cannabis products.

As a company, Chow420 remains true to its roots. The team believes that context matters. “As a Black-owned business, we have always sought cooperation within the American community to improve lives and business practice. The first of our successes came within our automated dispensary network where our first third-party partner is a thriving Navy veteran, Marcus. Marcus has been the most successful entrepreneur in our network, growing from the initial launch to a multi-location profile,” says David Obasiolu, CEO of Chow420.

Going forward, the company is committing 1% of profits towards a fund that contributes to meeting financial bail obligations for predominantly African-American individuals who are facing minor cannabis-related legal challenges. “Even the disinterested observer cannot ignore the need for active business participation within the black community. Before such progress can be made, the basic requirement of freedom has to be guaranteed or at least facilitated. This is why we are launching the first of its kind, a transparent digital bail fund,” says David.

He continues, “Given the disproportionate adverse impact of cannabis prohibition and law enforcement on African Americans and people of color, such an initiative cannot claim to be adequate. Nevertheless, we are proud to be active and at the forefront of corporate social responsibility in trying to promote social equity within the Black community. Our company is still in its nascent stages. One could call us an emerging firm within an equally emerging growth industry. As such, we consider our current position to have significant growth potential. Our differentiating business model and unique focus on qualitatively transforming popular conceptions of cannabis and embedding transparency have the potential to redefine the sector. Accordingly, just as we seek to make the lives of our customers and industry better, in the same vein, we are also committed to doing the same for our community.”

The company urges hemp and cannabis enthusiasts to continue to use Chow420 to buy cannabis products, as a share of every successful and delivered order goes directly to the impact fund in real-time. For individuals interested in owning a Chow Machine, or a piece of the company, you can invest directly on the StartEngine platform.

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