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Black Teacher Retires From School After 30 Years and Opens a Local Bar and Lounge in Her City

LoLecia Day, Founder of Day Drink Lounge

LoLecia Day, a 53-year-old former public school teacher, is pursuing her dream of running a bar with the opening of Day Drink Lounge, a Black-owned craft cocktail bar & lounge located in Duncanville, Texas. She has truly taken an exciting leap after retiring from her career of 30 years.

LoLecia’s decision to start her own business in the bar industry began with a desire to prioritize herself after years of putting others first.

“I realized that all of my life I’ve made myself available to other people. This time I wanted to show up for myself. Do something just for me,” she told D Magazine.

Despite having no prior experience in bartending or running a restaurant, she dove headfirst into her dream. She ran the lounge alongside her teaching career for over a year until she retired from education in April 2024, to focus full-time on her passion project.

LoLecia says she drew inspiration from her entrepreneurial background. Previously, she successfully ran a plus-sized lingerie boutique in Paris, Texas, catering to a niche market. She was also influenced by her parents, who instilled in her a drive to create and innovate.

Seeing a need in Duncanville for a sophisticated nightlife option closer to home, she opened Day Drink Lounge. Unlike traditional bars, Day Drink Lounge offers a cozy and inclusive atmosphere. It features distinctive cocktails, small plates, and live music, making it a favorite spot for locals.

Moreover, her decision to open Day Drink Lounge coincided with a resurgence in the bar industry post-pandemic. While bars faced challenges during lockdowns, there’s been renewed interest in cocktails and socializing.

Her commitment to the community extends beyond her lounge. Recently appointed as the Assistant Director of Economic Development for Duncanville, she continues to invest in her city’s growth and prosperity. Through her journey, LoLecia hopes to inspire others to pursue their dreams actively and fearlessly.

“The mistake a lot of people make is dreaming about what they want to do with their lives,” she said. “I believe in putting action behind my goals. I manifested the life I wanted, and I hope other people are inspired and know that they can too.”

Learn more about the business via its official website at and follow the brand on Instagram @DayDrinkDFW

Also, you can support the business by visiting its location at 215 W. Camp Wisdom Road, Suite 5, Duncanville, TX 75116.

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