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Breaking Boundaries and Soulful Collaborations: Mayor Ladonna Hall and 803 Fresh Shine at the 56th Annual Salley Chitlin’ Strut

Artist 803 Fresh who's born and raised in Salley, SC brings out the biggest voice in Blues King George in a surprise performance

In the quaint town of Salley, South Carolina, history was made as Mayor Ladonna Hall, the first Black American to hold the esteemed position, joined forces with Southern Soul Artist 803 Fresh to elevate the cultural celebration at the 56th Annual Salley Chitlin’ Strut, a beloved festival held annually on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

Reflecting on Her Mayoral Journey: Mayor Ladonna Hall embarked on her mayoral journey with enthusiasm, aiming to implement immediate changes such as securing a cell phone tower, modernizing buildings to attract businesses, and upgrading the water system. However, the realities of bureaucracy soon became evident as she navigated the intricate processes, realizing that lasting transformations require time, financial resources, and the support of the council. Undeterred by the challenges, Mayor Hall remains focused on addressing the community’s needs and steadily advancing towards progress.

Chitlin Strut 2023: A Resounding Success: Anticipation for the 56th Annual Salley Chitlin’ Strut reached unprecedented heights in 2023, with a remarkable turnout that surpassed all expectations. Mayor Hall, alongside 803 Fresh, King George, and an amazing line up of southern soul artists and community leaders orchestrated an event that not only celebrated the town’s rich cultural heritage but also fostered a sense of unity and joy among attendees.

Gratitude for a Harmonious Celebration: Mayor Ladonna Hall expresses gratitude for the overwhelmingly positive outcome of the Chitlin’ Strut, highlighting the absence of violence and the genuine enjoyment experienced by everyone in attendance. The collaborative efforts between the Mayor and 803 Fresh not only contributed to the success of the event but also symbolized the unity and spirit of Salley, reinforcing the town’s commitment to cultural celebration and community harmony.

As Mayor Ladonna Hall continues her dedicated service to Salley, her collaborative endeavors with local artists like 803 Fresh exemplify the power of unity and creativity in fostering a vibrant community. The 56th Annual Chitlin’ Strut stands as a testament to the resilience and shared spirit of Salley, leaving a lasting imprint on the town’s history.


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