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A gift for every family member on Father Christmas Day, the Secret Santa at work or in your sports group, the Three Wise Men or the Catalan Tió, a gift for that good friend, or the one who gave you one last year and this year is waiting for the gift back. If you are one of those people who find it tricky to buy gifts for people who don’t really need anything, but are hoping for the best possible gift, this is for you.

We offer you our help to find the perfect gift, wherever you are from, whoever you are giving the gift to and whatever your budget. Like a fish following the stream, trust us. We present it in detail, grouping the products in sections that cover all the possibilities. All you need to do is scroll down and add the product to the shopping cart. Easy, isn’t it? Then let’s get started:

Cannabis gift ideas for this special time of year

First, we have specially prepared some Gift Packs to serve as an excellent Christmas present. They are a mix of promotional products and cannabis seeds, with a very substantial discount on the original price. It is worth mentioning that they are completely exclusive gifts thanks to Alchimia’s good relationship with these cannabis seedbanks.

Here we also present you some ideal gift products to give as Secret Santa and alike. These items do not exceed 15-20 euros and will undoubtedly appeal to most people due to their appearance and functionality.

Also, we have included gifts for Father Christmas (don’t worry, our website is for people over 18 years old, it should not be a secret at this age!). Plus, a Secret Santa gift for those closest to you. These gifts are not very expensive yet very interesting and will be clearly valued as your effort will be appreciated in the selection. These products are priced up to 50 €.

Christmas is a time to get together with that relative or friend who lives abroad. Not only to share the dinner, prepared for hours, but also to share and talk while the broth is cooking. Time to meet a new member of the family. Special moments to be with people close to you, in body or spirit, and that deserve the best gift. So, we present you also the best products of our website.

Cannabis gift packs:

Ripper Seeds Secret Box:

Ripper Seeds is a seedbank known for its powerful and eye-catching merchandising, attracting a lot of attention, and worn by big personalities in Spain and South America. This Secret Box by Ripper Seeds is the perfect gift to surprise, with 5 packs of 3 seeds, a BudTainer grinder, a t-shirt, and a metal tray. Everything is secret, both the genetics and the colours and illustrations of the merchandising.

Advanced Seeds Gift Pack:

This gift pack is especially exciting for us, because in collaboration with Advanced Seeds we dress up as Willy Woonka. In addition, 5 out of 100 packs come with a 680-watt LED for free. Certainly, two gifts in one! This Advanced Seeds Gift Pack is composed of 2 packs of 7 seeds, Bactohemp, Bactobloom and merchandising.

Royal Queen Seeds Gift Pack:

This Gift Pack stands out for its very generous price, and the genetics is known, Bubblegum XL feminised, one of the stars of this seed bank. In addition, this Royal Queen Seeds Gift Pack includes a branded toiletry bag, stickers, a Budtainer, etc.

Fast Buds Gift Pack:

Designed with the cultivator of automatic genetics in mind, we have collaborated with one of the leaders in the industry, Fast Buds seed bank. The Fast Buds Gift Pack contains 3 seeds of Banana Purple Punch Auto, plus a grinder, a bamboo tray, 5 packs of KS rolling paper and even a pair of socks from the brand.

Fast Buds Gift Pack for Christmas
Fast Buds Gift Pack for Christmas

Cannabis Gifts for Secret Santa and alike (up to 15€):

Here we have included affordable products, which can have an everyday functionality or simply serve as a gift. An example of the latter would be the Ogeez Chocolate Buds or the gold rolling paper that goes perfectly with the Raw glass filter.

Of course, we also recommend the classic smoking accessories, such as rolling papers, trays, ashtrays, grinders, blunts, etc… Products by G-Rollz, the best paraphernalia brand on the market. You can choose from a wide variety of illustrations ranging from impressive and thought-provoking Banksy images to tender and relaxed images of nature and animated characters.

Top quality CBD as a Christmas present:

One gift that never fails is cannabis, at an affordable price and certainly to be enjoyed wholeheartedly. With Xuxes CBD and Natural Suit, we fill all price and quality ranges. From the best flowers and hashish in quality and terpenes, to the best quality/price options.

Now, without a doubt, the star product for a Secret Santa gift, the stash cans and containers. These products replicate soda cans, nails, even belts or pants, and hold the secret of having a concealment in them. Fantastic replicas completely identical to the original products.

Cannabis Gifts for Father Christmas and Secret Santa for your relatives (up to 50€):

We offer here perhaps a more interesting selection of products, with more possibilities, but at the same time with more pressure to get the right one. Here, the person who receives the gift will undoubtedly realise that you have made a great effort, and will certainly appreciate it, since you know the person well enough to be sure that the gift is suitable and has an optimal usefulness and durability.

We separate this large block into two smaller ones, one with the best products for smoking, and another one with more interesting accessories for smokers such as clothes, books, or toiletry bags.

Pipes, bongs and all the accessories for the smoker:

Here we present bongs, metal, and wooden pipes within this price range. Among the glass bongs, Thug Life offers the Bong Special Series as a top model. Grace Glass excels with the Amsterdam Ice Spiral Bong. These bongs are made of the highest quality glass, with unique and elegant designs.

Silicone bongs are also very popular. Unbreakable and fun bongs, which can be easily carried and disassembled in a flash. Piecemaker is a benchmark brand, with useful and functional bongs such as Bong Kommuter. In addition, there are fun, unique, and original bongs such as the Kannimal line, bongs in the shape of animals at an excellent price.

Bongs are always an appreciated gift.
Bongs are always an appreciated gift.

We also offer smaller size pipes, with a wide variety of brands and models. The Amazed Pipes or the Splif Stick Pipes are ideal if you are looking for a reliable, durable, simple, and compact bong. These pipes have been available in our catalogue for years, and we have received nothing but positive reviews. If you prefer to innovate, you can choose Smoked Spoon Pipe by Marley Natural, or if you like wooden pipes, Wapi Pipe by Calumet, or Mini-Rocket Pipe also by Calumet.

Most of the gifts mentioned would make any smoker very happy, but if there is a useful, attractive, and efficient gift, this is the Vital Vaporiser. At an affordable cost, it is one of the best quality/price options in the whole vaporiser market.

A gift for a smoker’s everyday use is also a great option, such as the PackRatz toiletry bag by Ryot. Here you can store your cannabis in Re:Stash storage jars. Another perfect gift ;)! If you are interested in obtaining more information and learning about cannabis, you can go to our bookshop where we have a good number of cannabis books available.

Cannabis gifts for those closest to you (over €50):

In our latest selection, we present you with products to give to people you wish to make happy, and of course to make you feel that way too. Maybe this is not the place to find a gift for a random Secret Santa, or a compromise gift from Father Christmas.

Here you can find an interesting selection where we present you the crème de la crème of products from our website. Great products that we certainly want you to discover and can be your ideal gift. Vaporisers and bongs of the best quality, cases, backpacks, and some final surprise.

Portable Vaporisers: The best Christmas gift.

Let’s start with the highlights, the vaporisers. We present a very extensive range of vaporisers, from reliable and contrasted devices to the vanguard of innovation such as the Crafty or Mighty. We also include models such as the DaVinci IQ 2, or models such as the Watson by Handyvapers, fun options in the shape of a tobacco pipe, but above all effective.

When it comes to inhalation with combustion, a good gift idea is the Cupsy Bong by Puffco, a perfect reproduction of a Starbucks style mug.

Next up in our selection of possible gifts are all the products by Marley, a brand that offers smoking accessories made of wood and glass that exude elegance and quality in their manufacture. Pipes, bongs, grinders, or trays to make the perfect gift.

Continuing with more options. Ryot, manufacturer of the PackRatz toiletry bag mentioned above, is a leading brand in the manufacture of anti-odour cases with maximum security and protection on the inside. Handheld cases such as Piper are great options, as are Drifter backpack or Escort backpack by Revelry, for carrying your day-to-day essentials.

As a final cherry on top, we present two great hits, on the one hand the OGeez chocolate bong, a 36cm glass bong filled with chocolate buds, a real treat for the smoker. And on the other hand, for your Secret Santa friend or foe, the silicone penis by Cleanurin, without a doubt a great option!

Bong filled with OGeez chocolates
Bong filled with OGeez chocolates

And here ends this Christmas tour on our website. We have selected a range of products from our catalogue of 8000 references that we hope will help you to find the perfect option to surprise your loved ones, or simply the work colleague you got in your Secret Santa.

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