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‘You Have to Be Paid’

The attorneys currently representing Trevian Kutti in the sweeping criminal racketeering case in Georgia involving Donald Trump want to cut ties with the former publicist.

Those Atlanta and Chicago-based lawyers filed a notice this week informing the courts of their intention to break away from Kutti and discontinue representing her.

Lawyers for Trevian Kutti filed a notice explaining their intentions to part ways with the former publicist and no longer represent her months before the election interference trial in Georgia is set to begin. (Photo: Twitter)

According to The Messenger, the lawyers want to distance themselves for reasons unknown, but one did remark on the notice in a phone interview.

“In order to have a good lawyer-client relationship, the client has to listen, the client has to be on board and you have to be paid,” Kutti’s Atlanta-based attorney Darryl Cohen said. “All these things have to happen. I’m not saying any of those things did or didn’t happen, but you can extrapolate.”

Kutti faces a sprawling criminal indictment alongside more than a dozen people who allegedly co-conspired to overturn Donald Trump’s defeat in the state of Georgia during the 2020 presidential election. Trump is also a defendant in this case.

She pleaded not guilty to conspiracy to commit solicitation of false statements and writings and influencing witnesses, charges that are connected to an alleged attempt to intimidate Fulton County election worker Ruby Freeman and pressure her into falsely admitting that she stole votes and committed election fraud in 2020.

Freeman, as well as her daughter, Shaye Moss, just won $148 million in damages from Rudy Giuliani, who went to some lengths to spread lies about the pair committing voter fraud during the last election. Giuliani was also indicted in the election interference case in Georgia.

“This case is so unusual and so high profile with everybody looking at it under a microscope, that you’ve got to be very careful as to what you say because you never know who’s coming after you,” Cohen said.

After Kutti was booked and processed, she was given a $75,000 bond, which could be rescinded after she appeared on an Instagram Live and made comments that prosecutors believe were meant as threats to Ruby Freeman.

“Everybody’s alive. There’s no murder weapon. As a matter of fact, there’s a woman sitting somewhere who knows this whole thing is a lie,” Kutti said during the Live. “Who knows I never did anything to her. Who knows I never. Who knows she begged me for help. There’s a woman sitting somewhere who knows that I’m going to f—k her whole life up when this is done.”

Kutti was a one-time publicist for Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, and also did publicity work for singer-songwriter R. Kelly.

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