Christian Louboutin Teint Fetiche Le Fluide Foundation- Luxury and Selection!

Us makeup enthusiasts are not hard to please. Give us luxe, serve us complexion and bless us with range darling! This is exactly what Louboutin Beauty is doing with their fabulous Christian Louboutin Teint Fetiche Le Fluide Foundation.

The packaging alone is fit for a Queen. With a posh style bottle and pristine gold accents. It screams gilded and opulence; and is the perfect addition to any vanity table decor.

Nevertheless, despite having a classy outer design, the foundation itself is formulated to perfection. Offering a formula that can lessen the appearance of pores, possesses great buildable coverage and up to a FULL 24 hours of wear. Sign us up… expeditiously.

Christian Louboutin Teint Fetiche Le Fluide Foundation- Luxury and Selection!

However, to find out more about this delectable beauty release, we went straight to the source in order to retrieve more intel. Louboutin of course, is always willing to provide a plethora of information. Therefore, regarding their Teint Fetiche Le Fluide Foundation; the luxury cosmetics label reveals,

“Teint Fétiche Le Fluide is a liquid foundation that slips effortlessly on, a light veil that brings breathable, buildable, perfectly flawless comfort and coverage.

[For instance] the shade 80N Brown Nude suits the darker skin tones with neutral undertones.

With up to 24h* no transfer comfortable wear and luminuous matte finish, Teint Fétiche Le Fluide liquid foundation unifies and illuminates with up to 24h* sublimating breathable high coverage.”

Teint Fetiche Le Fluide Foundation

Sounds wonderful right? However, what about the formulation. We always care to know how a product may or may not affect the skin.

Since who wants to utilize makeup that will just end up making your skin worse than better? Literally, no one ever. Therefore, we decided to dig deeper and found additional details from Christian Louboutin about their fluid foundation. The brand states,

“[It is] a vegan formula infused with Dermaglam Complex, concentrated of precious skin-loving ingredients that actively cares for the skin. It minimizes the appearance of pores**, smooths and softens the complexion**, and leaves the skin feeling moisturized after 24h**.

A long-lasting without drying texture that feels comfortable after application thanks to its inmediate hydration. How to determine your undertone? Designed to adapt to all, this foundation is available in 30 skin-matching shades. Use the number system to choose your perfect true match foundation from light to deep and letters to select your undertone, Cool (C) Neutral (N) or Warm (W).”

Application Tips for Christian Louboutin Teint Fetiche Le Fluide Foundation

All of the above sounds great. Yet lastly, it is time to share some cosmetics tips from Christian Louboutin about how to use their product the most effectively. Like whether you should use tools or not. As well as how to build correctly for the right coverage you are seeking.

The directions are below. Enjoy darlings!

“How to apply? Apply the foundation all over the face, moving from the center outwards. Make sure to blend into the hairline and the jawline for a natural-looking finish. For a lighter makeup look with less coverage, use the fingertips instead of the brush, moving from the center of the face outwards.”

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