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Consistent At The Gym, But No Results? Here’s Why

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Last week I got a phone call from a friend of mine. She asked if I wanted to meet her at the gym for a workout. Of course, I joined her and when it was time to get down to business, I asked her what she usually does to warm up. She gave me a run-through of her routine and I immediately understood why she never sweats when we work out together.

She’s not the only friend who has complained to me about seeing no changes or results at the gym after following a consistent, or perhaps not so consistent, workout routine. Either they have hit a plateau or have never started seeing results in the first place.

The key is to find a routine that works for your individual body. Honestly, it isn’t always the easiest thing to find the right fit without consulting with a professional, but it’s possible as long as you keep in mind that several factors and variables are directly related to your workout results.

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– Periodization

Periodization refers to how often you switch up your routine. You must make periodic changes to your workout routine or you face the risk of a plateau. Our bodies need variety in order to see results.

Changing your workout routine every three to four weeks gives your body the time and ability to change and adapt. The periodization of three to four weeks is a good amount of time to allow the body to make these gains without growing familiar with the workouts.

The change shocks your muscles and tricks them into working harder to once again adapt to a new routine.

– Intensity

This is where my homie was falling short. Leaving the gym after a nice, chill, leisurely session, without having sweated, raising your heart rate, or actually challenging yourself means there will be no results. I understand that everyone sweats differently, but I don’t understand how you don’t sweat during an intense workout, be it cardio or strength training.

If you feel as though you have mastered a

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