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DJ Big O 601 Takes Southern Soul to New Heights with “Southern Soul Power Hour”


In a groundbreaking move, renowned Southern Soul and Blues DJ, Odie “Big O 601” Bridges of Fleet DJs, is set to launch his own radio show, promising to be the baddest Southern Soul Radio Show on the airwaves. Starting December 20th, listeners in Jackson, MS, can tune in every Wednesday at 8 pm Central to catch the electrifying “Southern Soul Power Hour” on 90.1 WMPR. May be a graphic of 2 people and text that says 'å WEDNESDAY SOUTHERN SOUL POWER HOUR 8PM 9PM WITH DJ BIG Ο & BIG JAZZ WMPR 90.1 JACKSON, M MS'

DJ Big O 601, also known as Odie Djbigo Bridges, is not just a music player; he’s a passionate advocate for the soulful sounds of Rhythm and Blues that shaped his childhood in Mississippi. With a deep love for the stories that Southern Soul and Blues music tells, Odie Bridges embarked on his DJing journey professionally in 2016, spurred on by the encouragement of his sister.

His expertise in Southern Soul and Blues sets, broadcasted via Facebook Live and TikTok, has garnered him a dedicated following. However, DJ Big O 601 is more than just a DJ; he’s an experience curator. His music, energy, and crowd interactions create an immersive “EXPERIENCE” that takes listeners to the moon, as he likes to say.

As the Assistant Manager for the Southern Soul Division at Fleet DJs, Odie Bridges is widely respected among his peers and artists. He actively engages with DJs and both up-and-coming and veteran artists, offering valuable insights into sounds, equipment, business decisions, and music.No description available.

The “Southern Soul Power Hour” is not just a radio show; it’s a platform where DJ Big O 601 invites listeners to join him on a musical journey, complete with special guests and discussions about the Southern Soul industry. The show kicks off on December 20th and will air every Wednesday at 8 pm Central on 90.1 WMPR. Tune in for an unforgettable experience that transcends the boundaries of traditional radio.

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For inquiries and submissions of new music, DJ Big O 601 encourages artists to reach out to southernsoulpower@gmail.com. Additionally, listeners can catch the show live every Wednesday at 8 pm Central on https://radiostationusa.fm/online/wmpr-901-fm. Don’t miss the liftoff – get ready for the “EXPERIENCE” with DJ Big O 601 and the “Southern Soul Power Hour”!

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