Halle Bailey and DDG Welcome Their First Child Halo

BREAKING: The Little Mermaid and The Color Purple superstar is now a mommy! Yes, Halle Bailey and DDG welcome their first child Halo together and fans are in a total frenzy over the news. Yet, many are flocking to social media to offer their congratulations and well wishes to the new mom and happy couple.

In a simple posting online, actress and singer Halle Bailey confirmed the story of her giving birth. In the photograph, onlookers will instantly notice two hands. A sweet, delicate hand and then a very tiny, teeny baby hand wearing a gold bracelet. The bracelet reads, “Halo.”

Therefore, if you are wondering the baby’s name? Focus on the bracelet. Bailey’s and DDG’s newborn’s name is Halo.

Moreover, the post comes with a caption that reads: “Even though we’re a few days into the new year, the greatest thing that 2023 could have done for me, was bring me my son.. welcome to the world my Halo. The world is desperate to know you.”

Furthermore, while Halle fans wanted the starlet to announce her pregnancy ages ago. It is nice to see a down to earth celebrity opt for privacy. However, Bailey still made plenty of public appearances during her pregnancy. Yet, all nine months due to her clothing; she has the masses guessing whether she’s truly with child or not. Therefore, hats off to the fashion stylist and glam team that deserve a Fashion Icon award for successfully camouflaging a cute growing belly for numerous months.

Halle Bailey and DDG Welcome Their First Child Halo

Interestingly, DDG let the cat out the bag about the baby’s name awhile back. In an interview he is asked what he would name his child in the future. At first, he is reluctant to say; afraid someone else may use the name before he can. However, he finally gives in and says he would name his baby Halo.

Halo is a play on his lady’s name. Basically, it is a derivative of Halle. So a nice name based on the mother.

Additionally, in DDG’s song, “Darryl Freestyle,”he also mentions his baby boy Halo. He raps,

Silver spoon kid

I know Halo don’t want for nothing

He crying, His mama coming, She stronger than Wonder Woman 

So while Halle may have been able to keep the ultimate secret. Her man was just too excited about their child to do the same. Also, by those lyrics it is clear that their child will receive top care. Wanting for nothing… and living well. We love to see it.

Therefore, congratulations again to Halle and DDG. And can’t wait to see cute pictures and moments of Halo in the future.

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