How Long Should I Keep Face Mask On?

Every heard the expression that “too much of a good thing can be bad?” Well, it is true. Especially, when it comes to Beauty. Therefore, that is why today darlings we will be discussing a thing or two about Face Mask Duration.

We are always happy to receive beauty questions from all of you guys. And believe it or not, one that always seems to pop up quite a bit is about face mask timings. How long is too long? Or what is the shortest amount of time in order to get the most benefits out of using a facial mask?

All are great questions. Moreover, we hope by the end of this Beauty Quickie article you will have all the answers that you seek. So then, let’s go ahead and get to it. Shall we begin with sheet masks?

Let’s! Sheet masks have become a major component in most of our routines. However, there is this lingering myth that you need to leave it on for extended periods and amounts of time. This is incorrect thinking.

In fact, leaving a sheet mask on for too long can cause the complete opposite effect that you are after. How so? Well, keep in mind… that it is in fact a sheet. It can dry out.

Therefore, what does dry material do when placed anywhere near moisture? Yes, it soaks it up. Think of it, like a paper towel.

Nevertheless, this means once a face sheet gets too dry; it can begin to soak up the hydration in your skin. Yikes! Avoid this outcome by simply not leaving your face sheet mask on for too long. Once you notice it is getting on the dry side, remove it.

Face Mask Duration: How Long Should I Keep Face Mask On?

Okay, so what about regular face masks? What is the deal with those? Well, once again some feel the longer the better. And once again that is not true.

The whole point of a mask is to help make your skin better not worse. For instance, do you like to make your own DIY face masks? We do too.

However, you should only leave these on for a short period. Stick to 5-10 minutes, with 15 being the max. What about clay masks? Allow them to dry for about four minutes. Then, wear them for a total of 20 minutes.

Why? Leaving a clay mask on for hours on end doesn’t help your skin and can cause new issues. For instance, doing so can upset your skin’s pH balance. Not good. Therefore, don’t just apply a mask and go about your day or night. Rinse that bad boy off and continue to be the Beauty Queen you are!

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