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How to Dye Your Hair Like a Pro While at Home

We all know how important the right hair color is for your overall look. But, we also know why it’s usually advised to get colored by highly-trained professionals. After all, dying your hair the perfect shade is no easy feat.

Maintaining the health of your strands is even more challenging if you’re not sure what to do.

Luckily for us, ORS Haircare has launched COLOR BLAST, the temporary hair color is formulated specifically for natural hair giving your curls definition and elongation, color stays on until your next wash with no damage.

Switch up your hair color according to your mood with beautiful and unique colors that showcase your individual style.

The Color Blast product has nine of the trendiest hair colors you are going to see everywhere this spring!

Here are some great tips to take your style to the next level this season.

Food Coloring: 5 Natural Hair Dyes From The Kitchen

Apply to wet hair

Your hair shaft is open once the hair is damp. This no-ammonia product applies the best on towel-dried hair and will adhere to the color better. It will also help with a more even application, assisting in using less of the dye which results in healthier hair. 

Section it off

To avoid patchiness, create a middle part that runs to the back of your head and split the hair into

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