Instagram and Facebook $14 Ad Free Subscription- Meta’s Final Nail in the Coffin

Would you pay for an Instagram and Facebook $14 Ad Free subscription? Well, Zuckerberg for some reason seems to think you would. And other than doing this out of pure greed; if he’s smart he will not pull the trigger. Why not?

The implications. Instagram and Facebook have seen better days. They are not at the top anymore.

More and more users are spending time on other social platforms that are more fun and interesting. Also, in places their content can actually get seen. Zuck over the years throttled down visibility; destroying and taking away features that allow a user to grow or at least be more discoverable (by their followers or outsiders).

People are artists. People are entrepreneurs. They also love sharing their experiences. Therefore, taking away their ability to successfully promote themselves or to keep up with family/friends as well as verse versa; is a really bad move. Yet, this is exactly what Zuck and Meta have done.

Who wants to shout into an empty void all day? Who wants to have put out several posts, reels and stories like they’re on the job and an employee of Meta? And then also have to PAY for the honor? Beyond ridiculous.

Instagram and Facebook $14 Ad Free Subscription- Meta’s Final Nail in the Coffin

As one can see, Instagram without a decent algorithm that benefits users; becomes more valueless every day. No one pays for anything that is worthless or that they literally gain nothing from. Which is exactly what would be the case if Zuck starts charging.

Rumor has it that this paid subscription feature would begin first in Europe. Why? The EU has laws in place to protect people.

They do not want Facebook or Instagram to show people ads without their consent. Hallelujah. However, this is ticking Zuckerberg off.

He makes money off of Instagram and Facebook in large part due to ads. If less people are seeing these ads; it affects how well an ad might do. Moreover, if brands and companies cannot reach their target audience or the amount of “eyes” they want; they most likely will look towards utilizing other marketing methods or strategies.

Case in point, when all the advertisers left X (formerly Twitter). Less people on the platform and a less desirable environment led brands and companies to flee for their lives and take up residence elsewhere. Mark cannot afford for this to happen to him; if his social media companies are to survive.

Meta $14 Ad Free Subscription


Instagram and Facebook $14 Ad Free Subscription


Nevertheless how would an Ad Free subscription work? Well according to Mashable who got a hold of a very interesting report by The Wall Street Journal, they explain,

According to a Tuesday report from The Wall Street Journal, Meta is proposing an ad-free desktop experience for Facebook or Instagram that will set users back about €10 ($10 USD) as well as another €6 ($6 USD), give or take some change, for each additional linked account. On mobile, Meta is reportedly proposing a monthly €13 ($14 USD) fee because app stores charge additional commissions. The plans are called SNAs, or Subscription No Ads, and have allegedly been shared with EU’s privacy regulators. However, nothing is set in stone at the moment. They still need to get some feedback and work through some kinks before anything is officially rolled out.

So then, there’s some pricing ideas on this whole thing; yet it’s not set in stone or a done deal. It is of note, that so far Meta is staying pretty quiet and not confirming these pricing tiers. However, we just can’t see this all working out well for Mark and friends. Social media started off free. It’s very difficult to get people to pay for things that start off literally for zero dollars.

Meta to Charge $14 Per Month to their European Users

Additionally, there is another catch to this entire scenario. If European users wish to opt out of the paid subscription and just use the free version they will have to; checks notes… allow themselves to be tracked for advertising purposes. Say what??? The audacity y’all Lol.

No one wants to be tracked. No one likes ads to begin with. There’s not enough value for users on Instagram to pay monthly.

Nonetheless, most people who want to use the service will probably just settle on being tracked. Unfortunately, allowing Mark to have some information to sell off to advertisers. However, that’s just for those that wish to stay without a monthly charge.

It’s like at some point everyone will be proverbially held at “gun point” when it comes to social media. PAY OR WE’LL SELL YOU! Lol. It’s utter madness. Even X (sorry it’ll always be Twitter to us); is considering charging their users. However, this could backfire majorly and not result in tons of paying customers; (early 2023 reports show less than one percent subscribed to Twitter Blue at launch; and 50 % of those users quit within months).

Therefore, there’s still another chunk of individuals that will just choose to vacate and leave FB or IG completely; because they don’t want Zuck tracking them and then selling their activities to the highest bidder. Facebook and Instagram have already lost plenty of users. Threads and the Metaverse are total fails and lost Zuck money. Therefore, the social media platform cannot afford to keep making such horrendous mistakes and devastating decisions.

Ad Free Facebook and Instagram


Instagram and Facebook $14 Ad Free Subscription


Is there light at the end of the tunnel? Could be. If Mark ever decides to put his platforms back to how they were before they went downhill; he might could make a comeback.

However, the social company seems to be going full steam ahead and doubling down on their practices. IG and FB used to be the place to be; but slowly throughout time, it is now a barren posting wasteland. Sad.

Honestly, this feels like the final move that could finish destroying the former social media giant. The nail in the coffin. An emptying of a clip.

Didn’t have to be this way. Things should have been different. But it’s a lesson in humanity; that greed is a pit. And those falling into it spiral out of control, unable to stop themselves from preventing the inevitable. Since it’s not the fall that kills you… it’s the sharp, sudden stop at the bottom.

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