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It’s time to put on your best clothes and prepare your best flowers and concentrates, because the International Cannabis Awards (ICA) 2024 are about to begin! Today we welcome a new and prestigious event that will take place just before Spannabis 2024 and is presented as the pinnacle of recognition in the cannabis industry, where the best companies, innovators, and visionaries are honored for their achievements and their contribution to the world of marijuana.

From top seed banks to manufacturers of lighting systems, fertilizers, or vaporizers, the ICA celebrates excellence in all facets of this burgeoning industry in a gala evening that will bring together cannabis celebrities from around the world in an incomparable setting: La Llotja de Mar in Barcelona, a historic building located in the heart of one of the most attractive cities in the Mediterranean coast. The International Cannabis Awards 2024 are about to begin, get ready to witness the recognition of innovation at its finest!

ICA 2024 Barcelona

International Cannabis Awards, an entrepreneur’s dream

This event was born in the north of the state of California, where a restless mind with large doses of experience and contacts in the cannabis industry conceived it as something similar to the Oscars in the film sector. Indeed, Dani Walton, the father of this idea, soon partnered with European companies such as Planta Sur or BBG Projects to bring this interesting and, why not say it, attractive event to life.

After many conversations, the ICA or International Cannabis Awards will finally take place this coming month of March (Wednesday the 13th) in a place worthy of the importance and greatness of these awards, La Llotja de Mar in Barcelona, a historic building where artists of the importance of Gaudí or Picasso studied and located in the oldest – and most attractive for many tourists – part of the city. A space worthy of the most elegant and distinguished events that Barcelona offers its visitors and that you can enjoy if you attend this great celebration of the cannabis industry.

A competition between two continents

The organization of the ICA puts the cherry on the cake with a very interesting cannabis competition where the champions in various categories will be decided among participants from both the US and Europe. The best producers of flowers and resin extractions will be there with their best entries, so it is an award of the greatest importance and impact in our world. These will be the categories where competitors will strive to become champions:

  • Flowers (Outdoor)
  • Flowers (Indoor)
  • Flowers (Greenhouse)
  • Flowers (Autoflowering)
  • Solvent extractions (BHO)
  • Solvent extractions (Rosin)
  • Solvent extractions (Hashish)

 International Cannabis Awards, the most prestigious award in the cannabis world
International Cannabis Awards, the most prestigious award in the cannabis world

ICA 2024, a lot more than a cannabis cup

Apart from the flower and concentrate cup, the International Cannabis Awards will also reward the best companies in the sector, in a process that has taken months of study by the judges, with a large panel of experts and connoisseurs of the sector who have been evaluating each nominee in detail. As they say, the ICA is not just a simple awards ceremony, but rather a tribute to the creativity, dedication, and effort of those who have raised the cultivation, the production of extractions and concentrates, or the manufacturing of products to a higher level.

Furthermore, at Alchimia Grow Shop we are especially happy and proud to be one of the online stores nominated in this edition, so you can vote for us on the ICA website if you wish. Needless to say, we will be very grateful! => Vote 🙂

These are the award-winning categories:

  • Best fertilizers
  • Best lighting company
  • Best desktop vaporizer
  • Best portable vaporizer
  • Best seed bank/breeder
  • Best online store
  • Best rolling paper
  • Best ventilation company

ICA Organization Awards 2024

As if all these awards were not enough, the ICA organization has reserved the appointment of the champions in 4 other categories different from the previous ones, and designed especially to give recognition to people or activities that do not usually have a place in this type of competitions and events. A very good point on their part, which we are also sure will make their winners very happy! These will be the 4 categories:

  • Industry pioneer
  • Lifetime achievement
  • Cannabis influencer
  • Women Award

 International Cannabis Awards 2024 in Barcelona
International Cannabis Awards 2024 in Barcelona

Information about International Cannabis Awards 2024

If you want more information about this event you can consult their website, where you will find all the details. At the time of publication of this article, entry for participants in the cannabis cup is still open. And if you want to attend the gala as a guest, you can also purchase your ticket on the ICA website. Finally, keep in mind that the event will be streamed live through the websites of the main sponsors of the gala.

  • Date: March 13, 2024
  • Hours: From 6 p.m.
  • Location: La Llotja de Mar, Pg. d’Isabel II, 08003 Barcelona

The ticket purchase includes:

  • Green carpet, interview stage, main stage, after dinner and drinks included
  • Admission to the ICA event
  • Access to ceremonies and presentations
  • Opportunities to network with industry leaders

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