Kandi Burruss Recounts Xscape’s Accountant Stealing $100K Early On — ‘He Disappeared With Our Money’

“I remember we didn’t really make that much money after our first album but we felt like we was doing shows every weekend,” she said. “We were on a tour, and we were doing separate shows on weekends outside of the ones we were doing on the tour. So we’re like, ‘Where the money at?’ And it wasn’t that much money. For weeks and weeks of touring, we only probably had like $30,000 a piece.”

Along with lessons learned about signing deals and touring, the group found out early on the importance of truly knowing who’s on your team.

“When we were sitting down with the accountant I remember he was saying, ‘This is for miscellaneous,’” Burruss recounted. “And it was like 100-something thousands of dollars…But then come to find out, it was two accountants that were partners and one of them disappeared. So I guess he disappeared with our money.”

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