Lockerverse Equips Diverse Creators And Athletes To Build Wealth By Selling Assets On The Blockchain

“We look at things like NFTs and blockchain technology and it’s enabling those original creators to receive value for the products that they’re putting out in the space,” explained McFall. “So, when we look at — you acquire a CJ Stroud NFT and that gives you access to exclusive content experience, merchandise, apparel, then when that NFT is sold, CJ Stroud gets to share in the upside and receive a royalty payment for that. But if you’re looking at traditional assets, let’s just take that sneaker example. His sneaker got sold one time without being tied to the blockchain, no royalty payment there. So, when we look at empowering creators, especially diverse creators, who are oftentimes not able to benefit from the fruits of their work, it’s certainly not on a perpetual basis. We think this tool is the perfect mechanism to really create that empowerment.”

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