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In the harsh world of the ring, Mike Tyson left an indelible mark as one of the most formidable boxers of all time, breaking records for precocity and, above all, exhibiting an aggressiveness and speed that was unusual in his category. However, beyond the glory achieved in the ring, Mike Tyson’s life has experienced a curious transformation marked by an unexpected connection: cannabis.

Today we want to invite you to explore the relationship between this legendary ex-boxer and the world of cannabis. From his personal experience to his foray into the cannabis industry and his businesses, Mike Tyson’s story with the plant not only tells us a lot about his evolution as an individual but also about the growing acceptance and changing perception around it. marijuana in today’s society, especially in the United States.

Mike Tyson has been able to redirect his life and today he is a successful businessman

Mike Tyson, a heavyweight legend

It was November 22, 1986, when Michael Gerard Tyson, a force of nature raised in Brooklyn (New York) and trained by the legendary Cus D’Amato, defeated Trevor Berbick and became champion of the World Boxing Association (WBA) at the age of 20 years and 4 months. This achievement made him the youngest heavyweight champion in history, making him a prominent figure in boxing and catapulting him to international fame.

Much could be said about the boxing style and manner of Mike Tyson, who was also known as “Iron Mike.” His very fast footwork, his ability to penetrate the opponent’s guard, his aggressiveness, and the tremendous power of his punch were undoubtedly the reasons not only for him to become a champion, but for him to be one of the best-known personalities in the world of boxing, even by people totally unrelated to this sport.

After some problems and controversial episodes (the boxing world will also remember him spitting out a piece of Evander Holyfield’s ear) and a career of almost 20 years, Tyson retired in June 2005 having become one of the best-known boxers in the world. history. After a few years, “Iron Mike” surprised the entire world with the direction he took in his life and in his business: he was preparing to start a business venture in the cannabis sector.

Tyson Holistic Holding, first steps towards success

In 2016, together with his partner Rob Hickman, “The baddest man on the planet”, as he became known, he founded a business holding company called Tyson Holistic Holding and made up of two different companies: Tyson Holistic, dedicated to investment in companies related to hemp, and Tyson Ranch, related to the marketing of top quality flowers and derivatives (extracts, edibles, etc.). THH’s first product released to the market, in 2018, was a CBD-rich pain relief cream called Coppergel Ice.

"Iron Mike" has been a true lover of weed for years, a plant that has changed his life
“Iron Mike” has been a true lover of weed for years, a plant that has changed his life

The reason for this new adventure? After declaring bankruptcy in 2003 and going through some difficult times, Mike Tyson’s life took a turn when he discovered marijuana. In the words of his business partner Rob Hickman, Mike’s life changed completely, becoming “the perfect person.” A change that helped him focus and focus his efforts on his family and business, something that undoubtedly helped him achieve everything that was to come.

Tyson Ranch, every cannabis fan’s dream

Located in Desert Hot Springs, California, and occupying a considerable area (418 acres, although they liked to round it to 420 for obvious reasons), Tyson Ranch was born as a project with several facets, from tourism to tasting the best products. cannabis and even music events, such as the Kind Music Festival, as well as various activities related to the cannabis and wellness industry. Some of the main activities in this paradise for the weed lover included:

  • Cannabis Products: The company sold a variety of cannabis products, including cannabis flowers, edibles, extracts, and concentrates. The range of products wanted to satisfy the diverse preferences of consumers, always with quality first.
  • Wellness and Fitness Line: In addition to cannabis products, Tyson Ranch launched a wellness and fitness line called “Iron Mike Genetics.” This line included products such as topical creams and supplements to improve overall well-being.
  • Entertainment and Tourism Center: Tyson Ranch announced plans to develop an entertainment and tourism center at its ranch in California. This center aimed to provide visitors with cannabis-related experiences, entertainment, and recreational activities, providing visitors with a unique perspective on the industry and the world of cannabis, as well as an unforgettable stay.
  • Research and Education: Tyson Ranch expressed interest in research and education related to the plant. The company wanted to contribute to scientific knowledge about the benefits and medicinal uses of cannabis.

CBD (cannabidiol), the main non-psychoactive compound in cannabis

Cannabidiol (CBD) has captured the attention of the medical and wellness world for its fascinating properties and potential health benefits. This non-psychoactive compound produced by cannabis has been the subject of intense research, revealing a wide range of positive effects on the human body. Today we tell you everything you need to know about this cannabinoid, undoubtedly one of the best known in the world.

As you can see, the diversification of Tyson Ranch’s activities reflected Mike Tyson’s vision of exploring various opportunities in the marijuana industry. The company has sought to capitalize on the increasing growth and acceptance of cannabis in society. However, this first attempt by Tyson failed and his ranch closed its doors in 2021, although as you will see good old Mike still had a lot to say… and do.

I had never felt so healthy in my life, I had never felt so clear in my life. Mike Tyson.

Tyson 2.0, second round

After the closure of Tyson Ranch, Tyson returned to the cannabis sector with renewed spirits; After founding his own podcast in 2019 called “Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson“, in which he chats with athletes, actors, and all kinds of celebrities while enjoying his favorite flowers, he decided to create something like the evolution of his first brand, focusing in the marketing of flowers (their preferred type of consumption), extracts, concentrates, edibles and all types of plant derivatives.

Yes, one of Tyson 2.0's products are these bitten ear-shaped gummies...
Yes, one of Tyson 2.0’s products are these bitten ear-shaped gummies…

However, after a life-changing experience with 5-MeO-DMT (also called the “God molecule”), Mike wanted to expand his horizons even further by partnering with Wesana Health, a biotechnology company founded by former NHL player Daniel Carcillo that focuses on psilocybin treatments in cases of brain trauma. He also partnered with Columbia Care Inc., one of the largest manufacturing and distributing companies in the country, and that is responsible for the sale of the Tyson 2.0 range of products both at retail and wholesale.

Currently, Mike Tyson is still more active than ever with his companies. In addition to various partnerships with companies where he acts as an advisor, he has his clothing line and Tyson 2.0, which remains a success today. Recently, the new Tyson 2.0 varieties such as Tiger Mintz or Knockout OG were presented in New York with resounding success in some of the best dispensaries in the State, such as Strain Stars or Conbud. In addition, “Iron Mike” has teamed up with Abby Rockefeller, a member of this famous North American family of tycoons and owner of Hudson Cannabis, where Tyson has his personal brand crops.

Without a doubt, we are facing the resurgence of a sports legend who has managed to get out of the hole and rediscover himself to dedicate himself to his new great passions, the cannabis plant, and the business world. A living sports legend who is enjoying a wonderful second youth in the field of the cannabis business. We wish you good luck and hope you surprise us very soon with new products and collaborations!

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