Mini Fridge in Bedroom -A Must Have and Cute Addition to Your Home Decor!

Your home is a haven no matter how big or small of the space. Therefore, you need and should decorate it in order to create a high level of comfort and relaxation for yourself. Think of your home and dwelling as your little gift to your own mental, emotional and physical well being. With this in mind… today we are making a strong case for… drumroll please, the mini fridge in bedroom.

Why bring the kitchen to your bedroom? The better question is, why NOT bring the kitchen to your bedroom?! Yes, we get it, it is your space for sleeping. Your sanctuary for blissful dreams and the counting of sheep.

However, ever wish you could reach for a quick snack? Or, a nice cold beverage? Well, a mini fridge; or some say cooler, can bring that to you without having to make a long, arduous trek to the kitchen. To us, that sounds like pretty nice trade off after a super long day at school or work.

Some may call it lazy. We say… it’s convenient.

Mini Fridge in Bedroom -A Must Have and Cute Addition to Your Home Decor!

Mini Fridge in Bedroom


Netflix and CHILL? Sorry, we could not resist lol. But that could be in your near future if you invest in a mini fridge for your bedroom.

Chill fruit, veggies, cheeses, drinks and more. It’s like having room service in your own sleeping quarters! Nevertheless, our recommendation is the Frigidaire Mini Portable Fridge. It literally looks like a miniaturized retro Frigidaire with a mini window to peek inside. It comes a very nice selection of colors; but we are girly and partial to the pink and red.



A Quick Description:

The Frigidaire Portable Personal cooler keeps your food and drinks the perfect temperature while at home and on the go. The ultimate versatile cooler! Cools up to 32°F below ambient temperature, and warms up to 140°F at an ambient temperature of 75°F.

Compact space saving design and lightweight features make it easy to take with you anywhere, yet can still fit your needs; 4 Liter capacity chills six 12 oz. cans, while a removable shelf makes it easy to store milk, juice, yogurt, bottles, smoothies, cheese, fruit, coffee, soup, and many more home cooked meals or beverages.

Sound awesome. It is! We love ours. Get yours via AMAZON.

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