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Today we want to invite you to learn more about a seed bank with roots in Spain whose results speak for themselves, Nasha Genetics. With a journey that dates back to its beginnings in India two decades ago, Nasha Genetics fuses the ancestral passion for our plant with the avant-garde experience of California and its large legal crops.

This marriage of opposite worlds gives rise to a shared vision: to offer the market the most exclusive and exotic strains, where the quality of the origins is intertwined with outstanding collaborations within the highest level cannabis industry. Join us on this journey where we will explore the legacy and philosophy of this bank, and we will see some of the genetics that distinguish Nasha Genetics as one of the companies to take into account in the current cannabis panorama.

Nasha Genetics offers you exclusive genetics of the highest level

Nasha Genetics, the meeting between two worlds

Nasha Genetics originates from the mountain slopes of northern India, in the Himalayan range. 20 years ago, during an exploration trip through some of the most beautiful and spectacular places on the planet, the guys from Nasha were in search not only of seeds of the best cannabis plants they could find but also to expand their knowledge of the plant and its traditional use.

As time went by, this traditional world of India and the cutting-edge marijuana cultivation in California came together in an idea; create a seed bank based on everything learned until then, from the use of pure varieties or landraces from the most remote corners of the world to modern Californian indoor crops or the latest generation hybrids developed on American lands. Nasha Genetics had seen the light!

During the following years, the guys at Nasha Genetics have focused on working on some of the most valued and popular American lines, such as Apples & Bananas, Runtz, Gushers, or Zoap, undoubtedly one of their best parents. Furthermore, and thanks to the fact that they select their parents from among dozens or hundreds of seeds from the original breeder, they ensure that their plants maintain their quality standard and present traits that make them unique, so their hybrids are works that are difficult to replicate by other breeders.

Another characteristic of this seed bank based in Spain is its commitment to the environment, for example using exclusively LED lamps in their crops, or providing their plants with nutrition based on organic fertilizers. In summary, what Nasha Genetics offers you are exclusive, high-quality varieties, duly tested before seeing the market, and all this in a background of respect for Nature in general and the cannabis plant in particular.

We now invite you to discover some of their most famous hybrids:

Nasha Genetics Cannabis Strains

You can find these varieties (and others) in our online store in packs of 5 feminized seeds, all of them developed from their selections from some of the most famous genetics on the international scene. As you can see if you decide to try any of them, the results are truly spectacular! These are some of their most popular works available in our online store:

Zizu, devastating effect, and unique terpenes

If you have been looking for a new variety for a long time to help you relax body and mind and with an unusual combination of aromas and flavors, you may have found your next favorite variety in Zizu from Nasha Genetics. This genetics comes from a cross between two outstanding plants, such as Pavé (Paris-OG x The-Menthol) and Zoap (Rainbow Sherbert x Pink Guava), which results in a hybrid that is quite balanced in its Indica and Sativa aspects, with extraordinary resin production and a truly intense and long-lasting relaxing effect.

Zizu is a good candidate regardless of the growing system you use, and it develops without any problem in any growing environment, whether indoors, outdoors, or greenhouse. It is a very good choice if you plan to make resin concentrates, both in terms of quantity and quality, especially if you work with fresh, undried plant matter. Finally, the aroma and flavor are outstanding, a complex mix of fruity, floral, and fuel notes that leave no one indifferent.

Zizu by Nasha Genetics is a tribute to French soccer legend Zinedine Zidane
Zizu by Nasha Genetics is a tribute to French soccer legend Zinedine Zidane

Zealousy, high potency fruit concentrate

Another exceptional work from Nasha Genetics is Zealousy, a powerful cross between the famous Jealousy (Sherbert Bx1 x Gelato 41) and Zoap. It is an ideal variety if you are starting to grow cannabis but want to obtain professional results, since its cultivation is simple, without special needs, and with great resistance to pests and stress. Its flowering performance is medium/high, while the bloom period does not usually last more than 9 weeks, making it a standard variety in terms of cultivation duration and production.

What does stand out about it is its spectacular THC content, which can reach 28% in some specimens, offering an extremely pleasant effect, putting you in a good mood instantly while you feel a deep sense of relaxation in body and mind. Its aroma and flavor are very interesting, mixing notes of berries and tropical fruits in a background reminiscent of fuel. A very good bet for a problem-free crop with excellent results.

Zoreoz, up to 29% THC

Without a doubt, one of the cannabis varieties that has attracted the most attention this year has been Oreoz, a hybrid between Cookies’n Cream and Secret Weapon. Well, the result of the cross between this and Zoap, which as you can see is a star parent in the Nasha catalog, is one of the most powerful genetics in this seed bank. Indeed, Zoreoz from Nasha Genetics can reach an impressive 29% in THC, offering the typical effect of many Indica/Sativa hybrids: euphoric and happy at first, it will give way to a state of general relaxation after a while.

As it could not be otherwise, its results in terms of resin extractions are spectacular, with an intense effect that is noticeable almost instantly and a truly delicious combination of terpenes, where sweet and chocolate nuances merge with fruity and spicy notes. An excellent candidate to bear in mind if you are interested in discovering new flavors with the best possible quality.

Zoreoz (Oreoz x Zoap) is one of the most powerful strains in the Nasha Genetics catalog
Zoreoz (Oreoz x Zoap) is one of the most powerful strains in the Nasha Genetics catalog

Zoap S1, unleashed euphoria

Finally, we want to highlight the self-pollination of one of Nasha Genetics’ star parents, Zoap S1. As we say, it is a Zoap x Zoap cross, which gives rise to plants very similar to the original parent in all aspects, from its ease of cultivation and adaptability to different environments to its excellent performance in both flower and resin production, without forgetting its powerful effect and tasty combination of fruity and sweet aromas in a chemical background reminiscent of soap.

Don’t miss the opportunity to try any of the Nasha Genetics varieties, we are convinced that you will not regret your choice. As you will see on our website, there are more varieties than those we have mentioned in this article, so we invite you to continue researching their genetics and we hope you find the next queen of your garden among some of them…

Happy harvest!

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