Palazzo Vilòn, A Stunning Historic Villa In Rome, Now Welcomes Overnight Guests

Palazzo Vilòn is the perfect spot for you if you’ve ever desired to live that soft King and Queen lifestyle. For the first time, this breathtaking old residence in the very center of Rome is welcoming overnight visitors, providing an exclusive and opulent experience fit for a king or queen.

Found in the Palazzo Borghese, a 17th and 18th-century royal residence, Palazzo Vilòno offers guests the chance to explore spaces brimming with art, history, and enchantment. And that’s not all; visitors also savor unique luxurious services and get pampered by a dedicated team. 

Palazzo Vilòn’s Transformation Honors The Past

Despite its modern conveniences, Palazzo Viln remains true to its traditional heritage. Because of its designation as a historic house, the building has remained mostly unchanged from its original design, and the stories of its illustrious history permeate every room.

The Shedir Collection, well-known for its hospitality expertise, transformed Palazzo Vilòn into a five-star hotel. They achieved an ideal combination of past grandeur and modern comfort by restoring and polishing the historic paintings, gilded moldings, and antique mirrors.

Palazzo Vilòn’s Suites and Lounges

Each of the magnificent suites at the Palazzo Vilòn is a work of art in its own right. First, you’ll find The Borghese Suite, a first-floor room with a cozy living area adorned with priceless artwork. Then, there’s the Chapel Room, a former Baroque chapel with a dome ceiling covered in stunning. Plus, Palazzo Vilòn’s Cembalo Junior Suite boasts a view of the Cembalo Gardens you will never forget.

The Dining Hall

Next is the dazzling dining experience—candlelit dinners at Palazzo Vilòn are served in the Mirrors Hall. This breathtaking banquet hall is reminiscent of the Renaissance era. Original Flemish mirrors, golden stucco, and bas-reliefs adorn the room. And, of course, the cuisine and presentation here will surely be unforgettable.

Wellness Amenities

Even in terms of wellness, Palazzo Vilòn doesn’t disappoint. A 120-square-meter wellness space, open round the clock, is equipped with a luxurious pool, a sauna, a Turkish bath, and a hot tub. Relaxation and rejuvenation find a new meaning here.

The Private Garden

The mansion also offers exclusive access to a private courtyard garden, a peaceful oasis in the city’s center. The scent of orange blossoms and the sound of water from the sculpted fountains create a tranquil atmosphere that makes you forget Rome’s chaos.

The Price Tag

All this luxury and history in Rome come with a price tag. Palazzo Vilòn is available exclusively for buy-outs starting at €25,000, or about $27,500 per night. However, the opportunity to live like a king or queen for a day is well worth the price.

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