Spectrum x Disney Beauty and the Beast Collection- Get Glam Like A Princess!

Looking glam when going out is a ‘tale as old as time.’ All of us wish to feel and be dazzling gorgeous; and having the right beauty tools at our fingertips can make it all happen. Enter the Spectrum x Disney Beauty and the Beast Collection that has everything you need to get dolled up before you can say, “Be Our Guest!”

So what’s all in this fab collection. TONS! Like the famous Rose as a makeup tool holder, Mrs. Potts makeup bag, a Cogsworth mirror and a Chip makeup sponge. Seriously, this is a collection that is well done and well thought through.

You can choose to buy it as a complete collection. Or you can select portions of this Disney lineup to call your very own. No matter which direction you choose to go, we know “there will be something that wasn’t there before” in your  home makeup arsenal.

Spectrum x Disney Beauty and the Beast Collection- Get Glam Like A Princess!

To help give you a better idea of this Spectrum and Disney collaboration; we will also provide a quick rundown of all the offerings. Furthermore, while we normally discuss price at the end, we thought it would be easier to mention them below with the descriptions. Therefore, enjoy this fast beauty collection breakdown!


Spectrum x Disney Beauty and the Beast Collection


Beauty and The Beast Ultimate Bundle ⁠
→ Includes the full Beauty and the Beast collection⁠
→ Worth £169.99 | NOW £129.99⁠

Be Our Guest Bundle ⁠
→ Mrs Potts Makeup Bag Bundle comes packed with the Cogsworth Mirror, Lumiere Kabuki & also Chip Tea Sponge⁠
→ Worth £61.96 | NOW £44.99⁠

Beauty and The Beast Rose Cloche Storage ⁠⁠
→ Removable Faux Rose⁠
→ Acrylic dome storage ⁠
→ Collectible box packaging ⁠
→ £49.99 ⁠

Beauty and The Beast 12 Piece Makeup Brush Set
→ Featuring our limited edition enchanted Rose Brush ⁠
→ Book Style Box Packaging⁠
→ £64.99 ⁠

Lumiere Kabuki Make Up Brush
→ £24.99⁠
→ Retractable brush⁠
→ Lumiere flame design bristles ⁠⁠

Beauty and the Beast Makeup Collection by Spectrum x Disney

Nevertheless, what does Spectrum have to say about their makeup collection with Disney? The beauty brand reveals,

INTRODUCING…The Spectrum x Disney Beauty and the Beast Collection 🥀 The collaboration you’ve all been waiting for! Be our guest! Set your alarms and sign up for in stock notifications. The Disney Beauty and the Beast Collection is a Spectrum exclusive and available on our website only!

Introducing…The Beauty and The Beast Rose Cloche Storage. Showcase the magic of Beauty and The Beast and complete your Disney collection with this spellbinding storage solution to your vanity. The acrylic Cloche Storage features a removable faux rose and central compartment to hold and display your makeup brushes.

Transform your beauty routine into a fairy tale with the Beauty and The Beast ‘Be Our Guest’ Makeup Bag Bundle! The BUNDLE INCLUDES: Mrs Potts Make Up Bag⁠, Beauty and The Beast ‘Drop of Tea’ Makeup Sponge⁠; Cogsworth Compact Mirror⁠ and Lumiere Kabuki Brush⁠. [Also, all] items come packed inside the Mrs Potts Make Up Bag!”

Final Things to Know- Disney x Spectrum Beauty and the Beast Makeup Collection

So cute! Tons of Disney beauty collections come out throughout the year, but this one really gets it right! It captures the best parts of the beloved Disney classic without sacrificing style, quality or practicality. PERFECTION!



However, there is still one more detail you need to know. When can you finally get your hands on all of these beauty goodies! Well, you will not have to wait long, they will be available this week.

So far, Spectrum confirms that the Beauty and the Beast collection will arrive on Thursday, October 5th. They recommend signing up for updates since this release will most likely sell out super fast. So set those clocks (no pun intended lol) and calendars so you can glow like princess!

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