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The Grammy Awards 2024 extravaganza, is the biggest night in music. And so much goes down. Let’s quickly recap a few moments!

Why don’t we kick things off with a big show surprise. First of all, MARIAH CAREY everyone! Seeing the 6x Grammy-winning Queen in attendance is already major. However, she’s there to present an award to a young starlet. Yes, THE Mariah presents Miley Cyrus with her very first Grammy.

Even Miley is surprised. Mariah calls out her name, and our girl freezes. Then, Miley screams out, “Mariah!” And blows the music legend a kiss. Then she makes her way up and gives a memorable butterfly speech. By the way… Miley Cyrus wins best pop solo performance for “Flowers;” and gets to perform it live later in the show.

Other old school greats in attendance tonight: Billy Joel (performs); Annie Lennox, Tracy Chapman (performs Fast Car); and Celine Dion who presents an award.



Also, we love some of the table pairings this year. Often, the seating can be due to the show not wanting “awkward” run-ins; such as two celebrity exes sitting besides or near each other. However, for the ‘24 ceremony; one table just made such perfect sense.

We’re referring to the two musical geniuses, rocker Lenny Kravitz, and songstress Olivia Rodrigo. The two probably had a lot to discuss in terms of music. However, we wish to believe their conversation drifted into the realm of Hunger Games.

Speaking of seating, Jack Antonoff and Taylor Swift got to be side by side. Happily gossiping lol. Nevertheless, Taylor is a lady. Therefore, unlike when recently caught conversing with her bestie, Selena Gomez; Taylor has a fan to cover her lips while talking. Also, later on Taylor wins a Grammy for pop vocal album (her 13th); and announces her new album ‘The Tortured Poets Department.’

Also, the night only got better for Tay Tay. Taylor Swift makes history as she breaks the record for most Album of the Year wins by any artist in grammys history. This means Taylor Swift breaks a tie with Stevie Wonder, Frank Sinatra and Paul Simon for most Album of the Year wins in GRAMMYs history (4).


Grammy Awards 2024


Grammy Awards 2024: Moments and Facts You May Have Missed

Since we’re already on the topic of a table. During SZA’s performance a dancer gets on a table and does a whole Kill Bill routine with a sword (fitting). In all, SZA performs Kill Bill and Snooze. Singer Dua Lipa also performs a sassy medley of songs (including Training Session).

Cool. But let’s move on to some more winnings. For instance, What Was I Made For?’ by Billie Eilish wins the grammy award for Song of the Year. Which means, Billie Eilish is now a 9x GRAMMYs  winner. Wow.

The Queen, yes Beyonce, and her family make an appearance together. They’re there because Jay-Z accepts the Dr. Dre Global Impact Award. Bey’s hubby makes mouths drop as he discusses Mrs. Carter never winning AOTY; artists getting robbed of Grammys and how some artists don’t deserve to even be nominated. Interesting… we’ll let you all decide what to do with that information.

Moving on, yet back to SZA. Our girl won! And her friend, Lizzo got to present her with her Grammy. Snooze’ by SZA wins the award for Best R&B Song. Now making SZA a 4x Grammys winner.

Lastly, a few more things of note. Burna Boy is set to make history as he becomes the FIRST African artist in the history of the Grammys to perform at the main event. He hit the stage with Brandy. ICONIC. Also, speaking of FIRST… Tyla wins the inaugural African music performance award. ICONIC.

Then, during the show the one and only Meryl Streep arrives fashionably late to her seat, right as host Trevor Noah was talking about her. The crowd cheers her on as she blows them all kisses. Say it with us… ICONIC.

Mother-in-law and son-in-law, Mark Ronson and Meryl Streep were there to present Record Of The Year. Awesome. A LOT happened, and couldn’t cover everything; but what was your favorite moment?

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