Prada Galleria Bag Modeled by Actress Yara Shahidi

We adore this bag hunny. It’s big. It’s large. It can hold the whole world and that’s exactly what us girls need. The Prada Galleria Bag is the perfect handbag if you have ever struggled to not forget something at home.

If you are like us, you are always on the go. Whether that means going to work, hitting school and class; or attempting to have some sort of social life with friends. For any of these occasions you may need to take a number of things with you. Therefore, having a bag that can fit makeup, laptop, iPad, hair tools, clothes; or you name it, is extremely helpful.

Also, it’s more so a plus if you can look stylish while hopping all around town. And Prada’s bag definitely makes this dream happen. The Galleria is well-made, and embellished with studs that give a very classic; yet fashionably modern vibe.

Prada Galleria Bag Modeled by Actress Yara Shahidi


Prada Galleria Bag Modeled by Actress Yara Shahidi


About their handbag and it’s design, Prada describes it as:

“Ever-changing, shifting, transforming. The timeless shape of the Prada Galleria handbag has been reinterpreted in several exclusive styles made of soft leather or embellished with studs.

The continuous search for excellence is inherent in Prada’s DNA and creations made with sleek lines and fine materials. The elegant and versatile Prada Galleria bag blends industrial precision and refined, meticulous workmanship in a clean and sophisticated leather design. Composed of over 80 separate pieces assembled by hand, the three-compartment style reveals a multifaceted and universal nature that makes it the perfect canvas for always new interpretations. Mini studs applied all over add character and uniqueness to the iconic accessory.

The icon. For 2024, the Galleria bag is rethought in both surface and structure, inside and out.”

This handbag has been spotted in the possession of many starlets. With one of our favorites being Yara Shahidi; who pairs hers with a chic suit. It’s giving Bo$$ babe. It’s giving luxe. And we are so here for it.

Moreover, you may have also seen fellow actress Scarlet Johansson rocking this bag. She stars in Prada’s ad campaign for the Galleria bag. And looks fabulous as well.

Now as for the price for this designer bag. Warning: This is for our bougie bougies, the rich aunties and those who want to SPLURGE. Prada has so far set the price point for $7200.

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