Trinidad and Tobago Lights Up For Their Inaugural Cannabis Conference, Expo and Grower’s Cup event. –

The inaugural Trinidad and Tobago Cannabis Conference, Expo and Grower’s Cup event kicked off on December 19th. The full event takes place from the 19th through December 23rd at the Sweet Water Marina in Chaguaramas. The date of the 23rd, marks the anniversary of decriminalization on the twin island state.

Hosted by Cannagreen Consultancy, the 2 day conference, 2 day expo and grower’s cup event stands to be the largest cannabis industry event in the country. Major sponsors of the event include Cookies, one of the largest cannabis brands in the United States. Other notable sponsors include, Boveda, Grove Bags, Solra, Greenhouse Amsterdam Brands, Cash Fam’s Grow Shop, the infamous Straub Hunters brand and Trinidad’s own Ladies of 420. 

Conference speakers include Dr. Machel Emanuel, a Lecturer/ Researcher  in the Department of Life Sciences at the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus, Jamaica. Dr. Ika Washington PHD, a public health professional, amongst others.

The Grower’s Cup will have a special feature and press and present each flower entry with extracts from their submitted strain. Up to the time of our interview, they had 60 cultivars from 40 competitors in the flower category for the Grower’s Cup Awards.

Flower will be judged in 4 categories, indoor sativa or indica dominant and outdoor sativa/ indica dominant. According to organizer Marcus Ramkissoon “we decided to eliminate the hybrid category, because basically everything nowadays is hybrid”. 

There is also an edible category which has garnered 25 entries from a range of products. ” I have at least 2 beverages, a frozen pizza, and a few others who are undefined”. Magazine has observed baked goods and candies available on the market and expect to see them present.

One category that lacked entries was extracts, so the team has decided to use this to their advantage. “We’re going to take a portion of everyone’s flower, press it into rosin and give it to a select group of judges. So every flower will enter the exact category in our cup” says Ramkissoon. They have enlisted the services of Alpha Cat to test the potency of each extract opening up another category, THC potency.The kits will also provide a cannabinoid profile of the extracts. In total, each grower will participate in 4 categories. Indoor/ outdoor/ indica/ sativa dominant, extracts, highest THC potency and best flower.

The T&T Grower’s CUp Awards show takes place on Dec. 23rd at the Sweet Water Marina.

See more on their website and social media pages. Magazine will be on hand for the proceedings. Check back on our website for further updates.

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