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Two Major Black-Owned Breweries Merge to Become Fastest-Growing Alliance in the Industry

Founders of Full Circle Brewing and Crown Hops Brewing

In a groundbreaking move, two prominent Black-owned breweries, Full Circle Brewing Co. and Crowns & Hops Brewing Co., have united to form the Circle of Crowns Beverage Group (CCBG), signaling a new era in the craft beverage industry.

Based in Fresno, California, Full Circle Brewing Co. is the largest Black-owned production brewery in the U.S. On the other hand, Crowns & Hops Brewing Co., headquartered in Inglewood, California, sparked a global movement advocating for Black representation in craft beer.

The CCBG alliance aims to streamline operations, focusing on production, sales, and marketing. By pooling their strengths, these breweries will make their locally crafted brands and authentic experiences more accessible to consumers and retailers worldwide.

“This strategic alliance leverages the strength of our infrastructures and distributor networks to bring our unique brands to retail shelves around the world,” said Arthur Moye, CEO and Founder of Full Circle. “Together we are better positioned to maximize growth and bring more consumers craft beverages with an aspirational, relevant connection to black culture.”

“We can each apply our No Big Deal skills, those areas where we naturally excel based on our previous knowledge and experiences,” said Teo Hunter, Crowns & Hops Co-Founder, COO, and Head of Brewing Operations. “Arthur at Full Circle is amazing with production, scaling, and the financial side of the business, while Beny and I are experts in branding, marketing, community, and partnerships.”

“Crowns & Hops and Full Circle share the same visions, values, and strategies,” said Beny Ashburn, Crowns & Hops CEO and Co-founder. “Our collective mission extends beyond production, marketing, and sales; we aim to be a supportive resource for other Black-owned craft beer brands, fostering community and growth within the industry.”

This partnership not only streamlines operations but also addresses systemic challenges that Black-owned businesses face in the craft beverage sector. Historically, these businesses have encountered barriers in accessing production facilities, distribution networks, and retail partnerships.

Through the CCBG, Full Circle and Crowns & Hops aim to dismantle these barriers, creating a platform that promotes equity and inclusivity within the industry. Leveraging Full Circle’s established infrastructure and distribution network, the alliance will ensure wider availability of their unique beverages across the country and potentially beyond, fostering increased brand recognition and growth for all involved.

The Circle of Crowns Beverage Group represents more than a merger; it symbolizes progress toward a more inclusive and supportive craft beverage industry. This strategic alliance sets a precedent for collaboration and empowerment within the brewing community.

Learn more about the companies via their official website at and

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