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Who is Relationship Coach Mr. Hashim Locario Smith aka “The Becky-nator”

Why Black Men are paying the Relationship Coach to Learn How to Pursue Polygamous Relationships


In the vast landscape of relationship advice and coaching, one individual stands out with bold claims and a unique proposition. Meet Hashim Locario Smith, also known as Mr. Locario, a self-proclaimed relationship coach who asserts to possess the antidote for solving relationship troubles, particularly in the realm of non-monogamous relationships. However, a closer examination of his offerings raises questions about the authenticity and ethicality of his approach.

Mr. Locario’s Controversial Offer:

In a recent marketing push, Mr. Locario announced a holiday sale, enticing lonely men seeking polygamous relationships with a program promising insights into navigating non-monogamous dynamics. The catch? This program is offered for free, but only if individuals join either the Bad Boy Membership or the Masculine Identity Membership. The urgency of the promotion, valid until January 1st, 2024, encourages potential clients to act swiftly, leaving little time for thoughtful consideration.

Where are the Credentials? 

Hashim Locario Smith positions himself as an expert on matters related to sex, dating, and relationships. Born on May 29th, 1981, he claims to have transformed his own relationship mistakes into a platform for guiding others. However, a closer look reveals a lack of concrete evidence supporting his expertise, especially in the realm of polygamous relationships.

Open Relationship Claims:

One of the selling points of Mr. Locario’s coaching is his assertion of being in an open relationship with two women – his wife of over seven years and a girlfriend. While the idea of open relationships is valid for some, the credibility of Mr. Locario’s personal life as a testament to his coaching skills is questionable. With minimal information available, doubts arise about the health and sustainability of his own polygamous relationship.

The Lack of Transparency:

Despite his bold claims, Mr. Locario provides minimal proof of his success in guiding others through the complexities of polygamous relationships. The lack of testimonials, success stories, or any tangible evidence of transformed lives raises concerns about the authenticity of his coaching methods.


In a world where genuine guidance in relationships is invaluable, individuals must approach self-proclaimed experts with caution. Hashim Locario Smith’s holiday promotion raises questions about the sincerity of his intentions and the effectiveness of his coaching programs. Aspiring clients should exercise due diligence, seeking well-established relationship experts with proven track records, rather than falling prey to enticing yet dubious offers. After all, a healthy and fulfilling relationship is built on trust, transparency, and credible guidance – elements that appear to be lacking in Mr. Locario’s proclaimed expertise.

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