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Academy Award Winner Jamal ‘Gravy’ Woolard Takes Center Stage in Southern Soul Sunday

In the heart of the Deep South, where the blues and soul echo through the humid air, “Southern Soul Sunday” tells the captivating tale of MEECH, a young man with a dream as big as the Mississippi – to become the king of Southern soul.

The film opens with MEECH returning home from a stint in prison, his eyes set on conquering the Southern soul scene. Despite the odds stacked against him, he is armed with a burning passion for music and the unwavering support of his longtime “Ride-or-Die” girlfriend, who possesses the key connections to make his dream a reality.

From the outset, the loyal girlfriend warns MEECH about the treacherous waters of the Southern Soul scene, advising him to steer clear of shady promoters and questionable artists, colloquially known as “JANKY.” However, MEECH is determined and believes he can navigate the pitfalls with the help of his talent and sheer will.

As MEECH immerses himself in the vibrant world of Southern soul, he encounters a myriad of characters, both genuine and deceitful. The story takes a turn when he sets his sights on a popular and successful promoter who promises the exposure and success MEECH craves.

Despite the warnings ringing in his ears, MEECH is drawn to the allure of fame and fortune. The promoter’s promises seem too good to pass up, and MEECH convinces himself that this is the opportunity he’s been waiting for. Little does he know that this decision will test his resilience and determination in ways he never imagined.

The plot thickens as MEECH becomes entangled in a web of deceit, facing the harsh reality of the cutthroat music industry. The once-promising partnership turns sour, and MEECH is forced to confront the dark side of his dreams.

However, adversity only fuels MEECH’s determination. Undeterred by the setbacks, he refuses to let go of his ambition to be the king of Southern soul. The film explores themes of loyalty, ambition, and the price of success as MEECH navigates the turbulent waters of the Southern Soul scene.

“Southern Soul Sunday” is a gripping narrative that delves into the soul of the South, exploring the highs and lows of the music industry. MEECH’s journey serves as a metaphor for the struggles many face when chasing their dreams in an environment where success comes at a cost.

As MEECH rises from the ashes of betrayal and learns valuable lessons about trust and authenticity, “Southern Soul Sunday” delivers a powerful message about the indomitable spirit of those who dare to dream, even in the face of adversity. Will MEECH’s determination and talent be enough to overcome the challenges and make him the king of Southern soul, or will the price of success prove too high?

As the curtains draw to a close on this riveting Southern tale, anticipation for “Southern Soul Sunday” reaches a crescendo. Set to hit the screens in 2024, this cinematic journey promises not only a compelling narrative but also a stellar cast that brings the characters to life.

The leading role of MEECH will be portrayed by none other than Jamal “Gravy” Woolard, known for his unforgettable portrayal of BIGGIE in a previous cinematic masterpiece. Joining him in this soul-stirring ensemble are Dj TRUCKER MC, Shavon Moir (renowned for her roles on BET+, Tubi, and Prime), and Kasey James (a co-star in the acclaimed film Django).

The supporting cast features a constellation of talent, including Nellie Travis Tiger, Tequilla Axiom, Big Yayo, Lady RedTopp, and Dimitrius Brooks Jr, each contributing their unique flair to the Southern Soul symphony.

Behind the scenes, the driving force shaping this cinematic experience is the dynamic trio of producers, writers, and executives. Phil Martin’s vision and expertise guide the project towards greatness, ensuring that the soulful narrative of MEECH’s journey resonates with audiences.

In the director’s chair, Midnight Production, Erran Booker, and Vizion Media Concepts bring their creative prowess to the forefront, weaving together the intricate threads of MEECH’s story with finesse and passion.

“Southern Soul Sunday” is not just a film; it’s an immersive experience, a journey into the heart of Southern soul that transcends the screen. Mark your calendars for 2024 as this stellar cast and crew take you on a ride through the highs and lows of MEECH’s pursuit of greatness, set against the backdrop of the rich and soulful sounds of the Deep South. Get ready for a cinematic feast that will leave you on the edge of your seat and echoing with the resonant chords of Southern soul.

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