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Jonathan Majors Found Guilty Of Assault, Harassment: Black America Responds

Jonathan Majors, the 34-year-old actor known for his roles in Disney’s Marvel franchise and “Creed III,” has been found guilty of assault and harassment of his former girlfriend, Grace Jabbari, following a domestic dispute in March. The verdict, reached by a Manhattan jury, includes one count of reckless assault in the 3rd degree and a non-criminal charge of harassment as a violation. Majors was acquitted on another assault charge and one count of aggravated harassment, CNN reported.

The trial, which began on Dec. 4. Prosecutors argued that Majors had used physical violence against Jabbari, including twisting her arm and striking her. Majors’ attorney maintained his innocence, suggesting that Jabbari was the aggressor in the situation. It was he, they stressed, who called the police–and he was arrested.

The jury deliberated for about four and a half hours before reaching their verdict. His attorney, Priya Chaudhry, said Majors “still has faith in the process and looks forward to fully clearing his name.”

In a statement, his legal council said, “It is clear that the jury did not believe Grace Jabbari’s story of what happened in the SUV because they found that Mr. Majors did not intentionally cause any injuries to her. We are grateful for that. We are disappointed, however, that despite not believing Ms. Jabbari, the jury nevertheless found that Mr. Majors was somehow reckless while she was attacking him. Mr. Majors is grateful to God, his family, his friends, and his fans for their love and support during these harrowing eight months. Mr. Majors still has faith in the process and looks forward to fully clearing his name.”

Following the announcement of the guilty verdict, it was reported that Marvel Studios decided not to move forward with any future projects involving Majors. He had been set to star as the villainous Kang in the upcoming “Avengers: The Kang Dynasty,” The Associated Press reported.

Majors’ career had been on a significant upswing before the trial, with notable roles in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, including “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania” and the Disney+ series “Loki.”

The actor could face up to a year in prison for the assault conviction. He also faces a maximum of 15 days in jail and a $250 fine for the harassment violation, CNN reported.

Black America spoke out on Twitter about the verdict, delivered in the “Me, Too” era.

Sports journalist Jemele Hill noted how fast Disney dropped the now-convicted actor, seemingly minutes after the verdict. She tweeted, “They definitely had this saved in drafts.”

Others noted that Majors screwed up his Hollywood career.

“Jonathan majors with one of the all time greatest bag fumbles ever,” tweeted user Le Cinephiles.

Film producer Tariq Nasheed, and others, noted the not-so-positive racial fallout from a high-profile Black man dating a white woman. “I told people there was a reason why you didn’t see anyone from the dominant society speak out AGAINST the white ex-girlfriend throughout this Jonathan Majors case. They stay on code with each other, right or wrong,” he tweeted.

Woodz tweeted, “Moral of the story. Stay Away from snow bunnies.”

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