Angela Bassett Wins An Honorary Oscar at the 2024 Governors Awards

Give her ALL the flowers. With too many powerful performances on film to count; it’s thrilling to see a talented actress finally receive her just due. The incomparable, and iconic Angela Bassett wins an honorary Oscar for her astounding movie career!

When you think of Bassett, several film titles may come to mind. Some may include: Black Panther, What’s Love Got To Do With It, Malcolm X, Avengers, Mission Impossible 6, The Rosa Parks Story, Green Lantern, The Jacksons; How Stella Got Her Groove Back and Waiting to Exhale. She’s an individual that can star in a thriller, make you laugh or smile; or have you believe she really IS the real life person she is portraying.

Her work is astounding and many would agree, that Bassett is definitely worthy a gold statue. And what better time of the year to recognize her life’s work. Especially, with it being award season and all.

At tonight’s 14th annual Governors Awards, Angela finally becomes an Academy Award winning movie star. The honor is presented to her by fellow actress; as well as two time Oscar winner, Regina King. The two beauties embrace and share a beautiful exchange before Bassett takes to the podium. Angela then regales the audience with a stirring speech to all black actresses that their contributions to the film industry do in fact matter.

We could not agree more. Plus, there’s another legend whose contributions should also be appreciated. The iconic Mel Brooks is also an honorary Oscars recipient! Along with Bassett, Carol Littleton, and Michelle Satter; Mel took home a gold statue for his catalog of work that is still bringing plenty of laughter to the world. Mel thank you for giving us these 15… 10 commandments.

Angela Bassett Wins An Honorary Oscar at the 2024 Governors Awards

On the red carpet, while talking to the press Angela Bassett is asked does she know where in her house she will keep her honorary Academy Award. She pauses… and thinks for moment. Then that beautiful smile appears. She replies that she will most likely start with it standing tall in the kitchen. Since that is the room where all the real action and activity in the house happens.

Too funny. Bassett is also asked what role she feels deserves more award-winning success. After a moment of reflection, Angela states that her role as Tina Turner is the one she would select. Due to all the preparation, dancing, lyric learning and emotion it took to breathe life into the character.

Furthermore, she also quickly dives into the pressure of portraying a global superstar. Wondering if people would accept the portrayal. Well… Angela … literally everyone thought YOU WERE the legendary Tina Turner. Therefore, mission accomplished.

Yes, Bassett is a force. An unbelievable woman who continues to bless the big and small screen with her exquisite talent. Here’s to many more years of her stellar work… and congratulations Angela, enjoy your Oscar win, and we’re going to keep “rolling down” this river with you!

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