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Black Twin Dentists Make History, Open Three Dental Practices in Their Hometown of Charlotte

Drs. Lindsay Salone and Lauren Lockhart

Meet Drs. Lindsay Salone and Lauren Lockhart, identical African American twin sisters from Charlotte, North Carolina. Known online as “The Twintists,” these sisters are the founders of Dual Image Dentistry and Orthodontics, which owns and operates three dental and orthodontic practices in their city.

Their clinics reflect their close bond as twins and the comprehensive care they offer. Dr. Lindsay is a dentist, while Dr. Lauren specializes in orthodontics.

“Our patients say they feel right at home, we make people feel as though we’ve known them forever,” Dr. Lindsay said, according to Because of Them We Can. “We make it an anxiety-free environment, just the way we talk to them and reassure our patients that they’re in good hands.”

“We always say, ‘Let our family treat your family, and we will treat you as family,'” added Dr. Lauren.

Family ties run deep for these dentists, with a physician father, a nurse mother, and even an older sister who is a dental hygienist. Both are also married to doctors — a physical therapist and an orthodontist who is also a partner at Dual Image.

These sisters are making waves not only for their expertise but also for their positive representation of women of color in dentistry. Through their viral social media platforms, they offer insider tips and spread positivity to bring smiles to many.

Despite their busy careers, the twins are also super moms, juggling their careers with raising three kids each. They also share glimpses of their family life and even musical talents on social media. They so far have amassed amassed a following of over 30,000.

“We’ve always been children who thought about what our future was going to look like,” the twins posted on their Instagram page. “What you pour into your child now can help mold them into a successful adult.”

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