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In a curious cross between French cannabis tradition and American innovation, a cannabis seed bank arises born from a true passion for the plant: Botafarm Genetics. Originally from France but based in Los Angeles (California), today we want to tell you the story of Jay R., leader of Botafarm and truly passionate about breeding cutting-edge hybrids.

This bank, of European origin but which has decided to move to the epicenter of the cannabis revolution in California, merges the best of both worlds. Specializing in creating exceptional hybrids, Botafarm Genetics not only embraces the most cutting-edge techniques but also pays homage to classic genetics. Today we invite you to explore the legacy and innovation of this seed bank, what its origins are, and what type of varieties you can expect from its catalog.

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Botafarm Genetics, love for cannabis

The story of this seed bank began 20 years ago, when Jay R. began to direct his life towards his true passion: the cultivation and breeding of cannabis. Grandson of a winegrower from the Bordeaux area and son of a botanist, Jay knew how to combine family tradition with a new objective: to cultivate and raise marijuana of the best possible quality, especially in terms of the organoleptic profile of the plants.

This passion led him to develop dozens of hybrids from the best genetics he could get, in addition to starting a spectacular collection of pure or landrace varieties, the genetic pillar from which the rest of the hybrids that you know today were born. Thus, and as the years went by, this restless grower, designer, and consultant decided to leave France and embark on an adventure that would take him to the other side of the pond, to the capital of American cannabis, California.

Currently based in Los Angeles, Jay R. has managed to bring together a wonderful group of workers with whom he intends to take a step forward in the cannabis breeding sector, with excellence as his banner and a genetic collection that would make the most demanding of breeders salivate. growers. Let us now look at some of his works in more detail.

Feminized strains from Botafarm Genetics

Despite coming from the United States, and being something relatively unusual, the people at Botafarm offer their varieties in feminized seed format, something that for many growers is a great advantage. Not everyone has the time, space, and resources to grow male plants that they don’t want! We highlight some of them below:

RS11 S1, self-pollination of Rainbow Sherbet #11

One of the latest generation hybrids that has attracted the most attention of the public in drinks and events has been Rainbow Sherbet #11, better known as RS11 and born from the cross between Pink Guava and OZK. With a powerful relaxing effect and outstanding resin production, the real surprise that RS11 S1 holds for the grower lies in its spectacular flavor and aroma, an explosion of fruity, citrus, and fuel nuances that will invade your palate for a long time.

If you decide to try RS11 S1, we recommend using soil rich in nutrients (or an extra supply of liquid fertilizers), especially during the flowering phase, as well as training techniques such as LST (Low-Stress Training) or Main Lining. You’ll see that your plants will reward your efforts with a generous harvest of first-class flowers!

RS11 S1 from Botafarm Genetics is the self-pollination of the famous Rainbow Sherbet #11
RS11 S1 from Botafarm Genetics is the self-pollination of the famous Rainbow Sherbet #11

Julien’s Favorite, unique terpenes and relaxing effect

Seeing the excellent results offered by RS11 S1, Botafarm soon wanted to use this genetics in other crosses to check its quality as a parent. One of the gems they found in this project was Julien’s Favorite, born from crossing RS11 with a variety that stands out for its curious flavor, Grape Pie (Cherry Pie x Grape Stomper). It stands out for its adaptability and ease of cultivation, being a plant without special demands, and very grateful to grow.

One of the most striking features of Julien’s Favorite is its appearance, which provides it with excellent bag appeal: fleshy buds of light green color with violet hues, completely covered with a brilliant layer of trichomes that contrasts with the pistils, of an intense orange color. Once harvested, it provides a potent relaxing effect and unique organoleptic qualities, melting earthy and grape notes into a sweet and creamy background, a true delicacy for any gourmet.

Rafale is another of the works of Botafarm Genetics, in this case, a hybrid between Zkittlez and RS11
Rafale is another of the works of Botafarm Genetics, in this case, a hybrid between Zkittlez and RS11

La Vie Est Belle, stimulating effect and rocky buds

Taking into account the French origin of the leader of Botafarm, it is not surprising that he named one of his creations that way! La Vie Est Belle was born from hybridizing RS11 with Red Bullz, an impressive cross between Grape Gas and White Runtz developed by the breeders at Compound Genetics. The result is a medium-sized variety that is easy to grow and offers amazing results when used to make resin concentrates. Its rock-hard buds have an exceptional appearance, with a huge amount of resin that will delight lovers of strong sensations.

As it could not be otherwise, the flavor and aroma of La Vie Est Belle buds live up to their appearance, providing an experience of the highest level thanks to its intense fruity and sweet notes, which blend perfectly with nuances earthy and fuel giving rise to a flavor that is as complex as it is delicious. Given its high THC content, its effect is fast and intense, balanced but enhancing your most creative and social side.

The flowers of La Vie Est Belle from Botafarm Genetics are as attractive as they are aromatic
The flowers of La Vie Est Belle from Botafarm Genetics are as attractive as they are aromatic

Ice Pie, versatility and high production

Once again we find a variety developed from one of the most appreciated parents in Botafarm. In this case, the same Grape Pie parent that we have seen in Julien’s Favorite was used but this time crossing it with Black Ice, an incredible hybrid between the famous MAC and Oreoz. In this way, Ice Pie was born, an Indica-dominant genetics with high yield and excellent vegetative vigor, which makes it suitable for applying cultivation methods such as the SCROG or LST technique.

Although its flowering is a week longer than in the cases we have seen so far, it must be said that it more than compensates for this thanks to its stupendous production of dense and enormous flowers loaded with glandular trichomes. Once again we are faced with a plant with a powerful relaxing effect, both on the body and brain, which presents marked fruity notes and ripe grapes with menthol nuances in its flavor and aroma.

Cannabis trichomes under the electron microscope

Have you ever imagined what cannabis would look like if we were very, very small? It is an interesting question that different researchers, fortunately, have decided to take on using different microscopy techniques. And not only for the aesthetic appreciation of the resulting images, but also to discover one of the best-kept secrets of the plant: how the trichomes behave like tiny biochemical factories to store the valuable compounds they produce.

As you can see, the Botafarm Genetics catalog is loaded with excellent candidates for your next crop, although on our website you will find more options from this bank that you should not miss checking out, such as Jewel, Gorgeous Braelin, Time Loop, or Rafale. And you, have you already tried any Botafarm genetics? Tell us your experience in the comments section!

Happy harvest!

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