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Cincinnati Welcomes Its First Black-Owned Pharmacy in 17 Years

Altev Community Pharmacy

Altev Community Pharmacy is Cincinnati’s first Black-owned pharmacy to open its doors in 17 years. Founded by Dr. Emmanuel Ayanjoke, this pharmacy aims to provide essential healthcare services while fostering a sense of community and representation for people of color in the area.

“It’s all about our patients,” Ayanjoke told ABC9. “It’s all about our dedication to their care.”

Aside from providing easy access to medications to many residents, Altev Community Pharmacy also offers a discount program to make prescriptions and other items more affordable for customers.

Moreover, the fact that the pharmacy is Black-owned holds special significance for people of color in the area. Representation matters, and seeing a business owned by someone who understands their community can foster trust and comfort.

Ayanjoke’s journey to opening the pharmacy was supported by McKesson, a healthcare company. McKesson’s Project Oasis provided financial assistance to establish Altev Community Pharmacy, aiming to empower underprivileged communities by establishing self-sufficient pharmacies.

The grand opening of Altev Community Pharmacy was celebrated by various dignitaries, including Vice Mayor Jan-Michele Lemon Kearney, Cincinnati City Council members Scotty Johnson and Seth Walsh, Congressman Greg Landsman, and Hamilton County Commission President Alicia Reece.

Learn more about them via its official website at

Also, you can support the business by visiting its location at 3559 Reading Rd, Ste 104 Cincinnati, Ohio.

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