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Entrepreneur Makes History, Opens First Ever Black-Owned Brewery in Augusta, Georgia

Robert Young, founder of Tapped 33 Brewery

Robert Young, a Navy veteran turned entrepreneur from Augusta, Georgia, has made history by opening Tapped 33 Brewery, the first-ever Black-owned brewery in the city. With his new venture, Young has broken barriers in an industry dominated by white-owned establishments.

“It was a dream, now it’s coming true as cliché as that might sound but I really feel like once you put in the hard work and you dedicate yourself to something it’ll happen,” Young told WTVM.

Young’s inspiration for brewing beer sparked during his Navy deployment, where he discovered craft beers in Prague. The determination to create his own brews led him to start as a home brewer. From his experiments emerged signature recipes like the Good Googly Moogly Juicy India Pale Ale.

Young initially supplied local bars with beer taps. Now, he has so far canned thousands of beers, aiming to have his crafted 6-packs of beers available for purchase in stores.

“I had this epiphany moment where I was like ah this works,” he said. “Just seeing it in cans and seeing it on the shelf it’s surreal.”

Moreover, Tapped 33’s name holds significance, referencing Augusta’s location on the 33rd parallel, James Brown’s birth, and the end of prohibition in 1933.

Beyond brewing beer, Young envisions his company making a broader impact. He aims to become a symbol of representation for the Black community, creating a product that celebrates and influences his culture positively.

Be sure to follow the brand on its Instagram @Tapped33

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