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Introducing the First Black Woman-Owned Barbershop in Omaha, Nebraska

Owners of Heavi Hitters barbershop

Heavi Hitters, a local barbershop founded by entrepreneur Shannon Jackson in Omaha, Nebraska, has made history as the first full-service Black woman-owned and operated barbershop in the city. Even more, it has recently expanded to a newer and bigger location.

For nearly a decade since she got her barber’s license, Shannon, who is 31 years old, made it her lifelong goal to serve her community in her own little ways. She gives free haircuts at homeless shelters regularly and in back-to-school programs for kids every year.

In 2019, Jackson opened Heavi Hitters, making history as the first Black woman-owned barbershop in Omaha, according to KETV. All the hairstylists and other staff are also women, proving that they can create an impact in the male-dominated industry.

Aside from haircuts, Heavi Hitters also offers other hair and cosmetic services including wigs, locs, makeup, tattoos, and more. After nearly 3 years, the barbershop moved to a larger space to cater to more clients as the business kept growing.

Moreover, Jackson, who survived after being injured in a mass shooting in 2022, said she hopes to continue doing what she loves, and that is caring for the community.

Learn more about Heavi Hitters via its official Facebook page.

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